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Out of Shape February 29, 2008

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Well I rode 12 miles yesterday and realized just how out of biking shape I am. I got a late start and it was getting dark so though I wanted to go a little bit further, I figured it was best to end my ride a little earlier and  get back. On the plus, I burned 600 calories and I was able to unclip without falling over yesterday so for me, that is a small victory!

I’m going swimming today during lunch and it will be the first time back in the pool since November. I don’t like swimming when it’s cold out so I haven’t gone all winter. It’s supposed to be a nice sunny 67 degrees today so I’ll be heading over to the pool at 12 to get in a quick swim. Since I know I’m going to be disgustingly out of swim shape, I’m shooting for as close to 2,000 meters as I can get in an hour. I’m planning on doing the following set:

  • 500 Warm up (300 Free, 100 back swim, 100 back kick)
  • 5 x 200 Free on a good pace (based on how fast I can swim my first day back, most likely a 1:45 pace for a meter pool)
  • 8×50 IM (50 Fly Drill, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Free – repeat, on 1:10)
  • 100 Warm Down
  • Total =  200o Meters

I think I should be able to pull that off this afternoon and if not, I’ll forgo the 50’s.  The nice thing about having swum competitively from age 11 to 19 means that I swam a whole lot as a young’un. In fact, over the summers when I was in 8th, 9th and 10th grade, the team coach wanted us to get in at least 10,000 yards 3 times a week. Lucky me, I’d wake up early on my summer vacation three times a week, go swim for an hour (we’d do 3,200 meters usually in the am cos I was faster back then), then swim for two hours in the afternoon where we’d get in at least 6,000 yards or more. Suffice it to say, I swam a lot for a while and had no life except for swim team friends. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be an Olympic swimmer or anything because they swim way more than I did as just a mediocre swimmer.

Anyhoo, my point is that because I swam so much as an angsty teen, I will forever be able to swim. I may not be fast but I can get into a pool and swim a 2k meter/yard workout like it’s nothing. And at lap swim, I’ll bet that I’m faster (even out of shape) than 75% of the swimmers there (mostly because you’re average lap swimmer is clueless and sucks – sorry to anyone who is an average lap swimmer). So, hopefully my swim today will be much more encouraging than my crummy bike ride (and will be a lot less painful).


Bike Riding Begins Now February 28, 2008

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So, with just a little over a month to go before my metric century, I’ve decided to kick the cycling training up into high gear. From here on out I’ll be riding at least twice a week and riding my bike anywhere I go in the city. Going over the boyfriends house for the weekend? Riding my bike! Going out for drinks? Riding my bike! I figure if I just ride my bike like crazy and actually do some training rides (30 miles +) I should be OK when April rolls around. Or at least OK enough to make it from rest stop to rest stop where I’ll stock up on goodies.

The hard part is that I also need to keep running and start swimming because I need to get in shape for the triathlon. And, though I said no when asked, it’s possible that I could be convinced to do the Trans-Tahoe relay this year (no promises) which is at least three miles of swimming. All in all, this is going to be the summer of K getting into kick-ass shape!

One last thing, I have high hopes for losing weight as I move forward with my cycling training. When I go for a moderate paced, moderate climb 20 mile ride, I burn at least 1,000 calories! If I eat healthy and watch my caloric intake, I’ll be losing weight in no time! (oh how optimistic I am! 😉

Another Run February 27, 2008

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I took puppy pants for another short 2-mile run this morning. My calves are killing me and I feel totally wiped out but the pup was still ready to go for more miles. Crazy puppy. I’m noticing that my being too fat for my size is really killing my running because it hurts my knees and my shins. I dropped two pounds between Sunday and Monday (according to my daily weigh in) but then I gained them back plus two more according to this morning’s weigh in! Yikes! It’s time to work hard on working out and losing weight.

Motivation February 25, 2008

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I’ve been forcing myself to eat breakfast lately because I’m finally buying into that whole Tony the Tiger schpiel about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Yeah Tony, you totally win, and it only took about twenty years. No one can ever say you didn’t have conviction.

So anyway, I’m eating breakfast, a yum-tacular banana and granny apple. This would normally fill me up but then I got news that I had just been chosen, at random, to purchase two South by Southwest wristbands and my adrenaline skyrocketed. SXSW wristbands are the precious of the preciouses, the Colosus of Clout, the Sultan of Swat… Oh, wait a second, that’s Babe Ruth. Whatever, they are coveted amongst music lovers in Austin and I got two! In your face crappy hipsters! What was I talking about? Oh yeah, adrenaline.

So I use this to my advantage and quickly get on the treadmill to burn some energy. It only lasted, like, a minute. Then I got hungry. Then I remembered I brought a hot dog from Bubby’s birthday party and some carrots for lunch today. Then I wanted to get off the treadmill and scarf down the delicious hot dog. Hot dogs and french fries are my weakness, seriously. I could eat hot dogs and french fries every single day and never get tired of it. Believe me, I did it for a week when I was a kid. Ah, the benefits of having divorced parents and having a bachelor father…

Again, back to running. I’m running and I’m hungry and I want to get off but I know I can’t because I promised myself I’d run for a minimum of twelve minutes but I really wanted that hot dog. Talk about internal conflict. I should write a screenplay about that. It would own the Oscars. Anyway, I kept running and running because I wanted that stupid hot dog. In my mind, it was going to be so delicious and juicy even though I’d have to nuke it in the microwave but whatever, that hot dog was going to save me. 11:58, 11:59, 12:00!! I had done it, I could now go eat my hottie dog! Oh wait, I still had to cool down and walk for five minutes. Damn you heart rate!! 4:57, 4:58, 4:59, 5:00, hottie dog, here I come!

So I bet you’re now asking yourself “Was it really worth it? Was it really worth you not focusing on your training and trying to increase your runs?” And this is what I have to say “It wath the grayteth hoth dogth in the worldth!” *That’s what I’d sound like if I were talking with my mouth full of hot dog heaven*

2 Miles February 25, 2008

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In an attempt to make up for being a lard-butt all weekend long, I went for a short run this morning and took the puppy-kins with me. We only ran 2 miles and she was fine to keep going. Me on the other hand, well, I only have one word for my run this morning: PAIN.

Sloth February 25, 2008

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I didn’t end up going to spin class on Thursday as I was too busy. I went for a walk on Friday, ran errands on Saturday and went for a walk with the dog today. Did I do anything that got my heart rate up? Nope. Am I a lazy bum? Yep!  

Day Three and I’m Lame February 22, 2008

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I didn’t run yesterday and I’m not running today.

Bad M, very bad M!

I didn’t run yesterday because we had our first softball game of the season AND I was really sore from the day before.  Not only did I run on Wednesday but I also went to an hour and fifteen minute yoga class after work so my body was kind of hating me yesterday.  While I was warming up for the softball game, I felt something sort of pop in my left knee and it was tight throughout the game.  I know it’s not an injury, I’ve had this problem on and off ever since my dance days in high school, but I don’t want to risk it so I’m giving myself another day to let my body relax and then start over again.

And that’s it.  Time for some Ibuprofen.

Spin Class February 21, 2008

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In efforts to bike when it’s raining out, I try and go to spin class at least twice a week. I haven’t been in a few weeks so class today is probably going to be hard. The hardest part is actually going to be getting myself motivated to get there. I have too much work to do today to take time to go spin but I just know I’ll feel better if I do.  I always find that the hardest part about exercising on days when it’s rainy and you have no time is actually just getting yourself to do your workout. Maybe I’m just lazy….

I’ve found that one of my better motivation techniques is not showering in the morning cos I know that I’ll go to the gym and work out during lunch. Then I have to go because not showering all day would just be gross, you know?  How do you motivate yourself? Share!

K’s Hello February 20, 2008

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As the about page says, I’m K and I’m training for a metric century (65-mile bike), a sprint triathlon (.5 mile swim, 11 mile bike, 2.5 mile run or something like that) and the scariest of them all, a real century – a 100 mile bike ride. I’m stoked but pretty sure that I’m going to die – well, at least during the bike rides.

I’ve swam on and off ever since I stopped swimming year round so I’m not worried about that at all. In fact, I’m not really worried about the sprint tri because it’s a sprint and between my efforts to swim, run and bike, I should be fine. Where I’m mostly positive of my untimely demise is during the centuries.

See, I’m scared of my bike. When I clip in, I fall over because I can’t unclip in time and I lose my balance, and fall over, bruising my bottom and my pride. When I was 15, I crashed going down hill on my bike so I’m still wary of careening down a hill, being unable to stop and then face-planting into the asphalt once again. Finally, I’m terrified of people riding too close to me and bike events are going to have lots of people biking, riding close to me. So you see, I’m pretty sure I’m going to die.

But, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up! I will persevere and share all my stories, workouts, diets, and gruesome tales of training with you lucky people. Because let’s face it, even if I write about something totally gross (like nearly crapping my pants or something equally tragic), it will still be an awesome story because I am awesome!

Hello From M February 20, 2008

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Last weekend I volunteered at the AT&T Marathon, handing out bottles of water and Powerade to the runners as they were finishing their race. Ever since signing up to volunteer (over a month ago) I’d been toying with the idea of running the marathon next year. I think that pushing yourself to the limits, both mentally and physically, and surviving gives one some of the biggest rushes of adrenaline possible. And I also want bragging rights, you know, because I’m five years old and can’t live without my sense of accomplishment and praise for said accomplishment. Anyway, I’m handing out water and one of the people I had a bottle to is an old Asian man, who is easily 75 years old. Why does it matter that he’s Asian? Because he was the cutest, itty bittiest little man in running shorts I’d ever seen, that’s why! But yeah, I see this old man complete a 26 mile race in under three hours and I think to myself, “What a wonderful world” and then I think “I can own this shit!” So then I decided, once and for all, I was going to start training to run the marathon next year. Then a guy who had soiled himself during the race walked by and I hesitated but I figured I could avoid that problem by taking a few Imodium AD pills right before the race. See, always thinking ahead. That’s why I make the big bucks.

I’m giving myself a year to train because I figure that will give me just enough time to actually prepare, suffer an injury or two and recover in time to continue my training. I hate running outdoors so that, in itself, will be a challenge unless they decide to cover Austin in a climate controlled dome like they did in The Simpsons movie. I’ve decided I will start off with running on a treadmill, building my runs up that way, and then slowly move to outdoors within a month or two. Luckily I have a treadmill available at my office so the plan is to take thirty minutes off during my lunch break to run and then slowly move to running during lunch and then for a short while when I get home at night. The second run is debatable, mostly because I’m really lazy and I like getting home and playing with the puppies.

I had my first lunch time run today and it was, how do you say, horrible. Last year I started running on a pretty consistent basis.  I was doing my lunch break runs and at my best was doing a seven minute mile. I then sprained my ankle and it was well over three months before I was a hundred percent and felt comfortable enough to even do a simple jog. It’s been about five months since the healing was complete and I still wake up with a sore ankle if it’s cloudy or rainy outside. It’s called getting old. Anyway, I ran today and it took me ten and a half minutes to complete one mile. I’m pretty sure this was my worst run ever but I’m consoled by the fact that it’s been five months since I ran and that’s not too bad, right? Just say yes and make me feel like less of a loser. Thanks.

So it begins and let’s hope that I don’t die or, even worse, decide that my running would be greatly improved if I were to wear spandex.