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Day Three and I’m Lame February 22, 2008

Posted by M in M's Perspective, Pain.

I didn’t run yesterday and I’m not running today.

Bad M, very bad M!

I didn’t run yesterday because we had our first softball game of the season AND I was really sore from the day before.  Not only did I run on Wednesday but I also went to an hour and fifteen minute yoga class after work so my body was kind of hating me yesterday.  While I was warming up for the softball game, I felt something sort of pop in my left knee and it was tight throughout the game.  I know it’s not an injury, I’ve had this problem on and off ever since my dance days in high school, but I don’t want to risk it so I’m giving myself another day to let my body relax and then start over again.

And that’s it.  Time for some Ibuprofen.



1. K - February 25, 2008

Dude, yoga counts. You don’t need to run if you yoga

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