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Training Update March 4, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, K's Perspective, Running, Swimming.

Well this Saturday I went for a bike ride. We did 15 miles which isn’t very much but half of the ride was against the wind. When you have to pedal to reach 15 MPH going down a hill, you know it’s pretty windy out! Overall, the ride went well. I didn’t fall over and am steadily improving on clipping in.

After, I rode my bike through the park to meet the boyfriend at the Slow Beer and Food fest for a bit. My legs were killing me by that point but it felt nice to ride my bike through the park on a nice sunny day.

Sunday was a rest day but I went running this morning. I took the dog but she was being a beastie so I didn’t really get the workout that I had hoped for. I did just about two miles but ended up having to walk a bunch because of aforementioned doggie. I felt good though and we kept a strong  pace when we were actually running. The wee beastie doesn’t like the new harness I bought her for running which of course, was only just a bit annoying 😉

Lastly, I got my registration confirmation for the Cinderella ride in the mail today! Woo hoo! It’s official! I’m biking tomorrow, going to shoot for 20 Miles. Then I’ve got plans to swim on Wednesday, spin or bike on Thursday, run on Friday, then ride on Saturday and rest on Sunday. I need to get more swimming in but not sure how to work it in at this point. Oh well, I’ll figure it out.



1. M - March 4, 2008

In absolute awe over here! I just walked three miles with dogs this past weekend. I suck.

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