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Two Week Update March 5, 2008

Posted by M in M's Perspective, Pain, Running.

Okay, actually yesterday was my two week training anniversary but I forgot to post about it and then there was this tornado and the primaries and my dog got sick after he ate my homework and my great-aunt died and then I got sick…Yeah, I think that’s pretty much every single excuse I used in college all in one sentence. In retrospect, I was a pretty crappy liar.

So yes, yesterday was my two week anniversary and to celebrate, I decided to kill myself a little by going on a two mile uphill run. Fantabulous! Okay, it wasn’t that bad and I was actually pretty proud of myself that I made it without too many complaints. My biggest complaint came out when James asked me to sprint a quarter of a mile. He was able to do it in about a minute while it took me an extra minute or so. My legs aren’t long enough! It was nice and cool outside so that helped a lot. I’m not looking forward to training in the insane Texas heat, which is only a matter of weeks away, so I made sure to enjoy the crisp air while I can.

All in all, it was a good run. My quads were putty after a while but I still had enough energy in my legs to faux kick an Obama sign at the polling place near our house. Bitch is the new black! Hillary 2008!



1. K - March 5, 2008

Yay! you ran! Go M!

And Hells Yeah, Bitch is the new black! I totally want one of those shirts!

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