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One Month Mark March 18, 2008

Posted by M in Lazy, M's Perspective.

And Melissa has been slacking. I haven’t ran or done anything other than sit on my behind and play Sims for the past two weeks. That’s not true. Last week I went to a bunch of shows and drank a lot of alcohol. Does the movement of picking up the beer and bringing it to my lips count as a curl? If so, I did TONS of upper body last week.

I will be visiting the parentals this weekend for Easter so I plan on getting a few miles in while down there. I typically wake up really early in the morning and head over to the football field and run a few laps when I visit them. I also like running in my parent’s neighborhood because 1. it gets me out of the house and 2. I know it like the back of my hand. I never run by myself here in Austin. We don’t live in a bad neighborhood, quite the contrary, we live in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, but our neighbors don’t know me and probably wouldn’t notice me being forced into a big white van. Yes, someone watched A LOT of Unsolved Mysteries as a child. Running down the street in Uvalde, I’ll see Mr. Velasquez and remember him taking his daughter, Julissa, and I to CCD. I’ll see Mrs. Perez and ask her about her son Jonathan, who put glue in my hair in the fifth grade. Mrs. Avila, whose son Aldo bought me a Happy Birthday balloon when I was thirteen. Mr. Buttman (yeah, Buttman) who once fixed the a/c in my bedroom one excruciatingly hot summer. So yeah, you can say I know the people back home.

So yeah, definitely running this weekend and will be back in gear by next week. Promise.



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