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And I Ran March 30, 2008

Posted by M in Lazy, M's Perspective, Running.

But not so far away.  I went home for Easter and as promised, ran at least once while I was there.  On Saturday morning I made my way into the football field to run around the track and I ran into high school best friend, Vanessa.  I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in almost seven years so we spent a mile and a half catching up with each other.  After she left the field, I went and ran another mile and then attempted to do stairs.  That’s right, attempted.  Then my legs decided they hated me and protested my attempt to get them nice and toned for summer and locked up on me and told me they would not bend unless I allowed them to walk in the direction of my mother’s house and into the comfort of a bed.  I relented and made my way home.  Those legs are so bossy.

I didn’t have time to do much running this past week because I left my old job and pretty much spent about five days hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while because I’ve been so caught up in myself.  Bad M, for so many other reasons than I’m not training properly.  I did, however, talk to a friend of a friend last night and told her about my decision to run the marathon next February.  She told me that she’s going to run a half marathon in Houston next January so we made a pact to run the half marathon together in the great last hurrah before my marathon.  So I might not have trained but I did give myself another goal, which I’m hoping will finally get me in the proper mind set to get myself right.

Then my legs looked at me and said “Are you crazy?  You only told us we’d be running one marathon and now you’re adding an additional thirteen miles?!” and they said they wouldn’t move again unless it was in the direction of the wine and cheese plate.  Seriously, those legs have the worst attitude.



1. Tim - March 31, 2008

You need a more short term goal. Look for a 5k or 10k over the summer to run.

I ran yesterday (5 miles) for the first time since I got sick a month ago. I’m going to try to run the Broad Street Run in 5 weeks, which is 10 miles. I’ll update my progress in your comments for no other purpose other than to try to keep myself motivated.

2. Melissa - March 31, 2008

They actually had a 10k today but with the bachelor/ette parties, I knew I wouldn’t make it. James and I are definitely going to try to run them as they come up.

3. k - March 31, 2008

Did those legs have bossy boots on? 😉

Having a near term goal is good. Just make sure it’s a doable one, not one like say, riding your bike for 65 miles in a week because it’s not a very good idea. not that i’m speaking from personal experience or anything…

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