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Tomorrow is The Day April 5, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, K's Perspective, Why Am I Doing This?.

Well, tomorrow is the day… 65 Mile bike ride for which I have very much NOT prepared. Since it’s all women and a princess theme, I have affixed a crown to my helmet, put a ribbon on the back and have pink socks with crowns on them. I’m also wearing my pink arm warmers. Goals for tomorrow are two-fold: 1) do not fall over and 2) make it at least 40 miles. Wish me luck



1. Rich - April 5, 2008

That’s so cool. And cute, in a girly sort of way. I guess. Or something.

Anyway, good luck.

2. Tim - April 6, 2008

gooood luck!

3. Melissa - April 6, 2008

I was at the wedding yesterday and kept getting your updates on Twitter. I really wanted to call you and motivate you but 1. probably not a good idea to talk on the phone when riding a bike and 2. I was drunk on red wine so yeah, that wouldn’t have been good either.

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