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New Goal April 7, 2008

Posted by M in Goals, M's Perspective, Running.

I volunteer with the SIMS Foundation here in Austin.  Essentially, we provide low cost to free counseling and other mental health treatment to local Austin musicians and their families.  It’s a really great foundation and if you have time or are curious, I encourage you to visit the website and maybe even make a donation.  Okay, no more plugs.  Anyway, today I went to a function and was telling our volunteer coordinator about how I’ve decided to run the marathon next year.  I actually got into the marathon through SIMS because I was working our table at the run.  So I’m telling Catarina about how I’m training (sort of) and she told me that SIMS is one of the sponsors for the ASH Dash 5k that is being held next month.  Since I’m taking Tim’s advice in making some shorter term goals, I told her I’d run for SIMS.  So I’m running a 5k in about four weeks.  I’m at two miles right now so I’m sure adding an extra mile within the next month won’t be too hard.  So, yep, running commences manana.

My legs just looked at me and said “You’re evil.”



1. K - April 7, 2008

Way to go M! a 5k will be a really good smaller run and it will be easy for you to finish. If you can do the Austin Beer Mile, I think just doing a 5k run will be super easy because you won’t have a belly full of beer 😉

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