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One Event Down April 7, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, Goals, K's Perspective, Pain.

Two more to go.

This Saturday I participated in the Annual Cinderella Classic. It’s a 65-mile bike ride for women only. Proceeds from the bike ride go to various women’s charities around the Bay Area. I didn’t train as much as I thought that I would going into the bike ride so as previously mentioned, I had two goals: 1) don’t fall over and 2) make it at least 40 miles. Well I’m proud to say that I accomplished both goals as I did not fall over and I rode all 65 miles!

Saturday dawned somewhat windy and chilly but my mom and I loaded up our bikes and drove across the bay to get started. The ride had a rolling start so basically you just show up sometime between 7:00am and 9:00am and get started. We arrived around 8:00, checked in and got underway.

Since part of the ride is about dressing up like a princess (cos it is the Cinderella Classic), I wore a tiara on my helmet and a sequined mini-skirt over my bike pants. I also had biking socks with little pink crowns on them, a pink and black jersey, and my pink arm warmers. I felt pretty stylish and well matched for the ride.

There were three rest-stops along the ride. The first one was almost 20 miles in and when we got to the stop, we had some snacks, took a potty break, refilled our water and then got on our way. I was feeling pretty good. The second stop was about 33 miles in and as we neared the second stop, I knew that I was feeling pretty tired but in good spirits. Thankfully the second stop was the lunch stop so we got off our bikes, had a sandwich and some fruit, rested and stretched out a bit, took another potty break and then got underway again.

It was between the 33 mile mark and up to the 50 mile mark where I had serious doubts about my ability to finish. We had some climbing to do which wasn’t a problem, I’m pretty good at climbing for the most part, it was just that I was so sore from sitting on my bike seat at that point. My butt, my neck, my arms, everything just started to ache. My knees really hurt and I don’t have a history of knee pain at all so I was really worried about my ability to finish the ride.

At about mark 50, we got to the third and final rest stop. I took some more advil, filled up my water bottle, had some energy stuff and a bit of food and just stretched and rubbed out any soreness. When we finally got underway again, I got some weird sort of second wind and so I pulled away from my mom and her group that we were riding with. I pushed hard for the next 10 miles because I knew that I was almost done and when I hit about 60 miles, I really thought I was going to die. I persevered because I knew that I only had five miles to go and sure enough, I made the turn into finishing area and looked down at my odometer and saw 65 miles. Woo hoo, I had completed the course!

We loaded up the bikes, checked in and got our ride water bottle and commemorative patch, had some soup (and I had some of those delicious pink and white animal cookies), and then I drove back to my parent’s house across the bay where I promptly jumped into the hot tub in hopes of pain abatement.

I have never been so proud of myself for an athletic event because I am not joking/lying/trying to be dramatic when I say that I have never ever ridden more than 25-30 miles in a single ride (okay, that a wee bit of a lie because I was really proud of myself when I swam a 500 free in under 6 minutes for the first time). I hadn’t really trained the way that I wanted to for the ride and hadn’t ridden in three weeks so I was really scared on Saturday. I finished the ride though and though it took me a long time to finish, I still did and so I am really proud of myself. If I train and continue to ride, I’ll be able to do that full century at the end of the summer.

Go me!



1. Melissa - April 8, 2008

Woot Woot!! Sooo very proud of you!!

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