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3 more days May 2, 2008

Posted by t in Uncategorized.

Today I ran my last run before my 10 miler this Sunday. I did 5 miles with 3 at the pace I hope to go this weekend. Felt good, I’m ready.

So, two weeks ago I ran the Valley Forge 5 Miler. It’s a 5 mile race through a historic park where battles took place. See, these dudes are still there trying to fight people:

OK, I have no idea how to use the picture uploader so I have no idea if pictures will even show…   But, they are dudes with guns, me at the start in Green, me trying to high-five my daughter who was on my wife’s back, me finishing, and a picture of me from the race’s website.  If they don’t upload I’m sorry.

Anyway, the race went well.  I went about 15 seconds per mile faster than I expected.  I ran it last year, so I pretty much knew what to expect (hills) so I didn’t kill myself.  It gave me a good idea of how I can aim to do this weekend when I double the distance.  Wish me luck!



1. k - May 2, 2008

So awesome! I like the moral support from the guys fighting! It’s like, “run or we’ll shoot you!” 😉

Well congrats on one run down

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