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The Broad Street Run May 5, 2008

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My day started off much earlier than expected when I woke up an hour ahead of my alarm.  4:30am.  I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I just laid there (lied there?  lay there?) waiting for time to pass.  I rolled out of bed just after 5am, got dressed, made coffee and got on the computer to check the weather.  The thunderstorms they had been predicting had already passed.  It was shaping up to be a perfect day to run 10 miles.  My friend picked me up at 6am, we were in Philly by 6:45.  What you do for the race is park near the finish line at the sports stadiums then everyone hops a free subway ride to the start line.  So, we waited in a line there and were at the start by 7:30.  Just enough time to wait for a port-a-potty with the 20,000 other runners.

We lined up and I started with a goal of 7:30 per mile.  The first mile was done at a 7:12.  A little faster than planned, but kind of what I expected.  My friend who I’ve been somewhat training with took off and I tried to keep him within reach without killing myslef.  A 7:03 second mile and I’m way ahead of my targeted pace and feeling good.  The race is a straight shot through philly.   They say there’s a whole bunch of historical stuff to notice, but here’s what I see:  Lots of fans, a dude in a kilt and a phillies shirt, some nuns and priests, nursing home patients wheeled out in thier beds to the side of the road to watch the action, several bands, road, feets, butts, and the backs of people heads.  Mile three clocks at 7:10. Miles four and five I’m going the exact same pace at 7:15.  I tell myself to hold off a little so I can push for the last two miles.  I’m way ahead of my pace and afraid to die. The next few miles are  7:24, 7:25, and 7:24, where I realize I’m on pace to beat my time from last year.  I need to keep this pace for the next two, which won’t be easy.  But, I do it with a 7:24 on mile 9.  The crowd at the end reves me up enough to end with a 7:16 mile, finishing at 1:12.51.  More than 2 minutes faster than I wanted, and 30 seconds faster than last year when I trained for 14 weeks vs. this year’s 5 weeks*

So, after the race we did what any well trained, elite, athelete does.  We sat in the parking lot drinking beers, throwing a football, and eating Doritos for 4 hours all the while telling war stories of our races… one guy caught a girl who passed out… one guy passed his childhood rival in the last half mile… one group of guys arrived to the race 20 minutes late, but still weren’t the last to cross the starting line (it took 24 minutes for the people who lined up in the very back to get across the starting line).

Next Up:  Depends on how crazy my soon to be son is.  Maybe a 5K in mid-June.  Hopefully a half marathon in September.

*Last year’s 14 weeks of training came after not running for several years.  This year’s 5 weeks came just a few months after my marathon and just 6 weeks after running a 5 mile race.



1. k - May 5, 2008


It sounds like you had a great race and did really well! I’m sure this blog had something to do with it! 😉

2. Melissa - May 6, 2008

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

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