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Not So Fond Memories June 26, 2008

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Way back when, I ran cross country for three years in high school. It was my “off” sport so I didn’t have to do P.E. when it wasn’t swim season. My super awesome XC coach (who was also Greek) would always call myself and my running buddy the “surf and turf club” because we were both swimmers and cross country runners. We used to run at least 3 miles a day and in fact, usually ran at 5+. Unless it was a track workout day. Ahhh fond memories…

wait no,… running hurts and track workouts suck!

I just got back from the weekday Team in Training practice where we did our first track workout. Mileage worked out to about 2.5 miles but the track part was 3×400 sprint, with 400 recovery in between. I hurt. All over.

I did my first sprint one at like 1:50, the second at 1:52, and then the third I said to myself, “K, you used to run way faster! you used to not be so fat or so suckey!” so i pushed it out and got it down to 1:46 and then promptly felt like puking but did not. The plus was that after all of that, I had to ride my bike home and even though it was less than a mile, it was cold and windy out. Pity me 😦

Calories burned = the silver lining in all of this: 793!


Lazy-pants June 25, 2008

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Lazy pants strikes again!

No swimming today but I do have a team in training track workout this afternoon. According to the schedule it looks as if we’ll be running 400m repeats or something.

I’ll update this post with the calories after the workout but I did want to share that the crack scale read 165 this am so take that for what you will. Who knows if it’s too high, too low. I guess my scale is making weight loss fun?

p.s. no swimming = greasy hair for me today until I shower later on tonight. Gross

Early Bird Gets The Worm June 24, 2008

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Or something like that. I woke up early this morning to ride with a friend of mine as today is a bike day. We left my house at 6:30 and rode 17 miles. Our route took us through the park out to Ocean Beach, along the Great Highway, around Lake Merced and back.
Overall I felt pretty pathetic riding today. I don’t know if it’s because my body isn’t used to riding in the morning or I’m out of shape from being out sick last week but it was a real struggle for me to maintain a good pace. I kept a 15 MPH pace or so but I can usually keep 17 to 18 MPH now

I wished that I had my camera with me this morning. Not that I’m especially good at cycling and and taking pictures at the same time (actually, i’m rather bad at it being a klutz and all) but there’s this one part where we ride along the beach and it was amazing out this morning. It wasn’t foggy or hazy like it was last night, just a tinge of pink in the sky with the sun starting to shine on the ocean. It looked blue instead of gray like it often does and it smelled so fresh and clean out there (despite the fact that we were near a water treatment plant). Our shadows were cast upon the dunes while we rode by and it just made me feel really glad to be out there on my bike on such a pretty morning in such a great city.

Since I’ve put myself on a mini-quantum wellness cleanse like diet, I’ll also be charting my nutrition, weight, and calories burned on this blog. I feel that nutrition is a key point of training though I’ll save the detailed outlines of what I’m eating for my other blog. I, in conjunction with M, will be posting recipes on the cooking blog so feel free to pop over there for some ideas.

I burned 710 calories today on my ride. I’d give you my weight but i’m certain that my scale is malfunctioning. Seriously, i’m not trying to make excuses but I stepped on it this morning and it said I weighed 170lbs! so I got off of it, hit some of the buttons (damn these new fangled high tech scales) and it said I weight 160lbs so I’m not really trusting it (unless I can lose 10 lbs instantly which i doubt). I’m going in search of a ye olde scale that just gives you your weight, no BMI calculations, no funny settings, no funny buttons, etc. Also, for context, I’m 5’8″ and unfortunately have a large chest. My ideal weight is 140 but my more realistic weight is probably 150 (I fluctuated between 145 – 150 in high school when I was in peak shape). I’m guessing that I weigh around 163/164 as that’s what I’ve been fluctuating around right now (seriously bad muffin top in the hizzouse) so I’m looking to lose between 10 to 15 (If I only lose 10 numerically but have awesome muscles and a lower BMI, then I’ll be happy).

Team in Training Update – Week 3 June 23, 2008

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So I’ve decided to capture my Team in Training updates on this blog for all the world to read. This week marks the start of week three of training for the Pac Grove tri and there’s honestly not that much to report. Pathetic.
For most of last week I was sick with a head cold and lots and lots of fun congestion. It started on Tuesday evening and Wednesday turned into a full on cold. I had swum last week on Monday after a straight run of biking two Thursdays ago, swimming two Fridays ago, Mermaid Tri, TnT on Sunday, and then the swim on Monday. I guess my body had enough because on Tuesday when I finally took a rest day, I got sick. I finally felt better and able to breathe on Friday but then it was like 95 degrees in SF and I just decided to not push it and to continue to rest.

Saturday I got in some cardio with brisk weekend shopping and then Sunday I just cleaned my house and hung out with my BF. I’m back on track this week though with swimming on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, biking on Tuesday and Friday, and running on Saturday. Then I’ve got a TnT practice on Wednesday and Sunday so that should be good times.

This week also marks something else special for me…. *drumroll* Friday is my 27th Birthday!!!! And yes, I’m one of those people who feel that my birthday is like a national holiday or something. Woo Hoo! In honor of my birthday, please make a donation!



I just got back from swimming. Here’s my set:

5 x 200 (Alternating 200 Free, 200 IM) on 4:00 minutes 

10 x 100 (Alternating 100 Free, 100 IM) on 2:10 minutes

100 warm down


Now it’s time for lunch and to get some work done

Lamey McLamersons June 19, 2008

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After being all sporty this past weekend I am proud to announce that I have not done any sort of athletic working out since Monday. As it turns out, Tuesday I took my planned rest day and felt slightly sniffly. Then Wednesday dawned and *bam!* full blown cold complete with stuffed sinuses, plugged ears and general ickiness feelings.

So in lieu of actually being sporty in recent history, I’ve got a picture of me getting ready for the ride with Team in Training on Sunday:

Mermaid Tri Recap June 16, 2008

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This past Saturday, I participated in the Mermaid Women’s Triathlon in Fremont, CA. It was a 400 meter swim, 11 mile bike ride, and a 2.5 mile run. It’s a great little sprint tri with an easy course and a good vibe. My official time was 1:18 compared to 1:31 from last year so go me!

The Swim: The swim went really well and was a great warm up. I believe that I was either second or third out of the water for the For Fun division and I did it in 8.27 minutes. The water wasn’t too cold and I didn’t get kicked or swum over so that is always a plus.

Transition One: My slowest transition. Aside from the fact that you have to run up a grass hill (in your swim suit I might add) you have to dry off, and if your me, you have to do a deck change and put on your bike shorts and top and shoes while still wet. I swam with my sports bra under my suit to try and cut down on time but it didn’t help all that much. My first transition took me 6.06 minutes and because of that, I’m seriously considering purchasing a tri-suit for when I do the Pac Grove tri.

The Bike: When I got on my bike I was chilly and a bit worried about how it was going to go since I made the brave decision to clip in (I fall over because sometimes I can’t un-clip in time). However, when I started peddaling, I felt really good. I kept a pace of about 17 to 18 MPH during the whole course (it was a nice flat 3 loop course) and completed the bike and my second transition in 38.89 minutes (they lump the two together for some reason…) I could have gone faster I think but I had some serious doubts about the run and didn’t want to blow out my legs. I haven’t been running and I was pretty sure that I would suck hard core. The bright side was that I didn’t fall over! woo hoo!

The Run: Going into the tri, the run was what worried me the most. I was afraid I’d die and that I’d have to walk the whole thing and that I’d probably crap my pants because that’s how running makes me feel. Instead, I got off the bike, took off my bike shoes, slipped on my running shoes and grabbed my hat, and began the run. I felt like crap for the first part of the run and everything hurt but I was possessed and felt that I NEEDED to keep running so I did. Fortunately I hit some sort of delirious runners high because I kept going despite the fact that I was in a lot of pain. I ended up running the whole way which made me very proud of myself and I finished strong (despite the fact that the finish is along the beach and is SO HARD).

All in all, a successful tri! I’ll see if I can post pics when they send them out to us. It made feel positive about the upcoming Pac Grove tri with Team in Training and I felt pretty strong overall.

My Version of Training in Texas June 14, 2008

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Yesterday I joined three friends for tubing fun in New Braunfels.  For those not familiar with tubing, you basically lay on an innertube and float down a river.  “This is what Texans do for fun?”  Well, you take a cooler of beer and get to lay out in the wonderful Texan sun all day with your friends and try not to die; I think that’s pretty awesome.  The plan was to take the four hour Guadalupe float, which I’ve never been on, but an hour into it, I was over it.  I got caught in the wrong current, busted my left toe on a tree while trying to avoid slamming into it, and got stuck in the rapids.  I decided to get out for a bit and told the rest of the gang I would walk down stream and meet them in a less hectic area.  Biggest mistake ever.

The thing with the Guadalupe is that there isn’t a trail following the river, it’s all private property that you’re not supposed to walk through.  I didn’t know this.  I got out of the river and tried to find the trail but soon realized I was on someone’s property and tried to make a quick exit before I was found trespassing and got shot.  In Texas we shoot first and then ask questions, which was a mentality I used to support until I became a possible target.  So I hiked through some undeveloped area for about a half hour, in a bikini, flip flops and carrying my huge innertube, before I came up to a fence.  It was a four foot tall fence made out of oak that I was able to crawl through without getting splinters.  Yay me!  I walked down a country road, still carrying my tube, still exposed in my bikini, for about a half mile before I went ahead and admitted I was completely lost.  At this point I decided to screw joining them on the river and my main objective was to go back to the launch site, pick up the car, and drive down to the pick up point.

As I said before, it’s all private property and the road I was walking on was a good three miles from the launch site, which wouldn’t have been a problem if I weren’t wearing a bikini and it weren’t 100 degrees outside.  I needed cover, fast.  I walked the half mile back to the houses I had walked through, rang some random person’s doorbell and asked for directions to the launch site.  Yes, in Texas a sweaty girl in a bikini and flip flops can just go and ring a doorbell asking for directions, and the owners will not blink an eye and be very polite.  This is why I love living here.  Anyway, I was told to walk down the road where I would come up to a fence that I could jump over and it would take me to the launch site.  I walked to the fence and saw that they had forgotten to mention it was EIGHT FEET TALL.   I threw my innertube over and began the five minute process of climbing over the fence.   A scraped shin and lots of curse words later, I was over the fence.

I finally got to the launch site, got the car, and hauled ass to the pick up site because at that point all I wanted to do was lay on the hot grass and die.  My whole adventure took about an hour and even though it was extremely frustrating and I got a killer sunburn, I found solace in the fact that I could say I did my training for the day.  And that’s how we do it in Texas!

The Benefits of Working From Home June 12, 2008

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I found that I had about an hour and a half break this mid-morning and since I was working from home and since it is beautiful out, I went for a quick bike ride! I’ve been in a bit of a crap mood lately and feeling like poo but the minute I got out on my bike in the sunshine, all was right with the world once again

*contented sigh*

I rode a quick 11 miles through the park, out the great highway to Sloat and back. I got my heart rate up by doing some two block sprints and then one block recovery thingies. It’s amazing out in the city right now, sunny, warm (81!), a light breeze and it was even sunny and warm at Ocean Beach. So awesome!

Which brings me to my second favorite part of working out in the summer, TAN LINES! So hawt and sexay!

I’ve got two different tan lines on my back from my different Speedos and now I’m sportin’ a nice left arm tan from driving home this week and a slight bike short tan line. Nothing says I’m hard core like having a pasty white pair of bike shorts tanned onto your body in addition to the already crazy speedo tan lines. Rawr!

Be Glad You Don’t Live With Me June 10, 2008

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A M and I set out to do this blog, we wanted to share our stories, our pain, our humiliation, and our frustrations with you as we train. And last night was certainly abound with frustrations!!

Let me set the stage for you, it’s roughly 10:30pm last night and I’ve decided that it’s finally bed time. I get ready for bed and put on my PJ’s (a tshirt) and I start to pack up my bag for work tomorrow (today) as I’m planning to ride into work as part of my training/saving the planet from CO2 thing. I think to myself, gee, I should probably check the air in my tires as I haven’t put air in them in a while and I’ll be riding 32 miles tomorrow.

I go back into the hallway in my tshirt and underwear since my roomie isn’t home and grab my bike pump. I take the top off the valve and I put the pump thingie on and I hear the hiss that means that it’s hitting the right part of the presta valve. I pump the pump except I know that there’s no air going into the tire, it’s just filling up the cord thingie. So I take off the pump from the valve and try again.

*hisss* air lets out, put pump thingie on, try and pump. Still not working. I try again and realize that I have essentially deflated my front bike tire. I start to get a bit frustrated as it’s now 11pm, I’m sunburnt and sitting on the floor of my front hallway in a tshirt and underwear, hoping my roomie doesn’t come home, and trying to pump up my now flat front bike tire.

I take a look at the pump, fiddle about with it because it’s one of those “combo” pumps for both schrader and presta valves. I take the pump thingie that goes on the valve apart, try putting it back together in a different way to see if it helps. Nope. I try again. This time, I can get it to put some air in the tire if I hold it onto the tire with one hand and pump with the other which is ridiculously hard to do and I only manage to get enough air into the tire so that it’s not completely flat. I think to myself, “ok, now I can try pumping it up the right way to fill it all the way up so I can ride tomorrow”. I put the pump thingie back together properly, go to pump up my tire and I deflate it again because the POS pump is not putting air INTO the tire, only letting it OUT!

Now, I’m getting really frustrated. It’s hot in my flat, I’m sweating from my one-handed bike pump attempt and I have a sunburn, and I’m PMSing and did I mention that I’m still just in my tshirt and underwear? When all of a sudden I feel a very familiar pain in my intestines. One that I am very familiar with and one that long time readers of TPK also know all to well. I make a mad dash for the bathroom at which point I stub my toe on the door frame! Cursing, I rush to the toilet to rue the day that I ever thought whole wheat pasta with butter and tons Parmesan was a good idea to eat for dinner. My toe is bleeding, I’m dying of intestinal pain, and I can’t get my goddamn bike tire to inflate!

After I’ve made my peace with my dairy ingestion, I make one last attempt to inflate my tire. Same old song in dance, my tire is still lifelessy flat, my toe is still bleeding, my boyfriend still hasn’t texted me back, I’m sweaty and hot and crampy, my hair is tangled, my glasses are smudged, I have grease on my hands from my bike, and as I make one last ditch attempt to pump up my tire, the pressure in the cord of the bike pump explodes the valve thingie off the valve right into my shin..


The string of expletives that came out of my mouth right then rivaled even the dirtiest of sailors and truckers. And thankfully, the windows to my flat were all open because it was too hot so my neighbors and the people on the street were welcome to views and audio of the crazy lady in her tshirt and underwear with bad hair throwing a tantrum of swear words that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud.

For good measure, I picked up the bike pump and threw it down the stairs, slammed my bedroom door and went to bed where I promptly got my bike-grease hands all over my white sheets. Motherf*cker.

The moral of the story is two-fold: don’t eat dairy if your lactose intolerant (duh!) and don’t buy sh*tty, cheap, crappy, piece of junk combo bike pumps, buy one SPECIFICALLY made for your bike type (schrader v. presta).

My tire is still flat 😦

Guess Who Also Got New Goggles? June 9, 2008

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but didn’t get to use them today… me!

I went swimming during my lunch today but had to lend my new goggles to my swim buddy as she had forgotten hers and I wanted to wear my darker ones because it was nice and sunny out. In addition to working on my tan, I swam 2000 meters:

500 Warm Up (300 Free, 100 back, 100 breast)

5×200 on 4 minutes, alternating 200 Free, 200 IM

200 Back – alternating 50 kick, 50 swim

200 Breast – alternating 50 kick, 50 swim

100 warm down

TOTAL: 2000 Meters/Yards

Overall, I felt really out of shape in the pool and I am SLOW. I’m just glad that I swam.

I’m eating my lunch and for the record, all Luna bars seem to taste the same to me…