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Ta Caloroso! June 3, 2008

Posted by M in M's Perspective, Running.


Ninety-eight degrees to be exact.  Not even the semi-hot boy band from the late nineties, just the sweltering Texan summer.

*quick sidenote: Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries just came on the player.  If that doesn’t motivate you to do something, then I don’t know what will*

I just got back from a two mile run with Niko, ze dog.  Poor thing was about to kill me but he was too hot to do any major damage but the looks, oh man, the looks he gave me made me think I should probably sleep with one eye open tonight.

I had a pretty crappy day at work so when I got home, I figured I should go take my frustration out on my legs.  Niko has been inside all day and he always has more energy than Bubby so I thought he might enjoy some sun as well.  Note to Melissa: next time you have a crappy day, drink a beer.  And Niko would much rather sleep in his cool kennel than run outside in the sun.

I really shouldn’t complain though because it felt good.  I mean, it was hot and I’m already a little sunburned from the hike yesterday (more on that in a sec) but it felt good to get out there and run.  Luckily there’s a pretty decent breeze out so it only felt like ninety-seven and a half degrees instead of the full ninety-eight.  Oh, let me also point out we ran at seven at night.  Love, love, love Texas!

Yesterday James and I went on a six mile hike at Twin Falls.  I hadn’t been out there in years and it was just as gorgeous as I remembered it.  The creek is dry and the “falls” are non-existent right now but there is still a fairly decent swimming hole in the middle.  We were out there for an hour and a half but it felt like a half hour.  That’s good, right?  As with most things that I do here in town, it made me realize just how much I love this city.  Everyone we encountered on the trail said hello, smiled, or asked “How’s it going?”  I can’t imagine you get that kind of camaraderie in many cities the size of Austin.  Granted, we aren’t a huge city but still, we all get along and it makes living here so much more enjoyable and, I don’t know, wanted.

Tomorrow Patty and I are going to go play Mojo Kickball.  My softball teammate, Nick, has been trying to get me out there to play for almost two months and I’m finally going to do it.  I’m pretty excited and a little scared but Nick has assured me that I won’t die.  Here’s hoping.



1. Tim - June 7, 2008

Reading that link, Mojo Kickball pretty much sounds like the most confusing game ever.

2. Melissa - June 8, 2008

It’s extremely confusing and I didn’t really understand any of it until I started playing. I had a blast, though, and am super excited about the next game!

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