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The Benefits of Working From Home June 12, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, Feelin' Good, K's Perspective.

I found that I had about an hour and a half break this mid-morning and since I was working from home and since it is beautiful out, I went for a quick bike ride! I’ve been in a bit of a crap mood lately and feeling like poo but the minute I got out on my bike in the sunshine, all was right with the world once again

*contented sigh*

I rode a quick 11 miles through the park, out the great highway to Sloat and back. I got my heart rate up by doing some two block sprints and then one block recovery thingies. It’s amazing out in the city right now, sunny, warm (81!), a light breeze and it was even sunny and warm at Ocean Beach. So awesome!

Which brings me to my second favorite part of working out in the summer, TAN LINES! So hawt and sexay!

I’ve got two different tan lines on my back from my different Speedos and now I’m sportin’ a nice left arm tan from driving home this week and a slight bike short tan line. Nothing says I’m hard core like having a pasty white pair of bike shorts tanned onto your body in addition to the already crazy speedo tan lines. Rawr!



1. Tim - June 14, 2008

You wear Converse when biking?

2. K - June 16, 2008

No, just that particular ride I did.. the picture is actually from the Cinderella Ride when I did but I just wanted to include a biking picture with that post and I don’t have any new ones. I’ll take some next time 🙂

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