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Mermaid Tri Recap June 16, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, K's Perspective, Pain, Running, Swimming.

This past Saturday, I participated in the Mermaid Women’s Triathlon in Fremont, CA. It was a 400 meter swim, 11 mile bike ride, and a 2.5 mile run. It’s a great little sprint tri with an easy course and a good vibe. My official time was 1:18 compared to 1:31 from last year so go me!

The Swim: The swim went really well and was a great warm up. I believe that I was either second or third out of the water for the For Fun division and I did it in 8.27 minutes. The water wasn’t too cold and I didn’t get kicked or swum over so that is always a plus.

Transition One: My slowest transition. Aside from the fact that you have to run up a grass hill (in your swim suit I might add) you have to dry off, and if your me, you have to do a deck change and put on your bike shorts and top and shoes while still wet. I swam with my sports bra under my suit to try and cut down on time but it didn’t help all that much. My first transition took me 6.06 minutes and because of that, I’m seriously considering purchasing a tri-suit for when I do the Pac Grove tri.

The Bike: When I got on my bike I was chilly and a bit worried about how it was going to go since I made the brave decision to clip in (I fall over because sometimes I can’t un-clip in time). However, when I started peddaling, I felt really good. I kept a pace of about 17 to 18 MPH during the whole course (it was a nice flat 3 loop course) and completed the bike and my second transition in 38.89 minutes (they lump the two together for some reason…) I could have gone faster I think but I had some serious doubts about the run and didn’t want to blow out my legs. I haven’t been running and I was pretty sure that I would suck hard core. The bright side was that I didn’t fall over! woo hoo!

The Run: Going into the tri, the run was what worried me the most. I was afraid I’d die and that I’d have to walk the whole thing and that I’d probably crap my pants because that’s how running makes me feel. Instead, I got off the bike, took off my bike shoes, slipped on my running shoes and grabbed my hat, and began the run. I felt like crap for the first part of the run and everything hurt but I was possessed and felt that I NEEDED to keep running so I did. Fortunately I hit some sort of delirious runners high because I kept going despite the fact that I was in a lot of pain. I ended up running the whole way which made me very proud of myself and I finished strong (despite the fact that the finish is along the beach and is SO HARD).

All in all, a successful tri! I’ll see if I can post pics when they send them out to us. It made feel positive about the upcoming Pac Grove tri with Team in Training and I felt pretty strong overall.



1. Melissa - June 18, 2008

Yay Kira!!!

Woot Trainy McTrainyson!

2. Tim - June 18, 2008

good job!!

I’m up to 11 days of no working out. I feel like a slob.

3. K - June 18, 2008

Well T, it’s not like you have no real excuse or anything. I’m pretty sure that a new baby is like THE excuse for all things. Isn’t that why you have kids, to blame them for stuff? 😉

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