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Team in Training Update – Week 3 June 23, 2008

Posted by K in K's Perspective, TnT Weekly Update.

So I’ve decided to capture my Team in Training updates on this blog for all the world to read. This week marks the start of week three of training for the Pac Grove tri and there’s honestly not that much to report. Pathetic.
For most of last week I was sick with a head cold and lots and lots of fun congestion. It started on Tuesday evening and Wednesday turned into a full on cold. I had swum last week on Monday after a straight run of biking two Thursdays ago, swimming two Fridays ago, Mermaid Tri, TnT on Sunday, and then the swim on Monday. I guess my body had enough because on Tuesday when I finally took a rest day, I got sick. I finally felt better and able to breathe on Friday but then it was like 95 degrees in SF and I just decided to not push it and to continue to rest.

Saturday I got in some cardio with brisk weekend shopping and then Sunday I just cleaned my house and hung out with my BF. I’m back on track this week though with swimming on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, biking on Tuesday and Friday, and running on Saturday. Then I’ve got a TnT practice on Wednesday and Sunday so that should be good times.

This week also marks something else special for me…. *drumroll* Friday is my 27th Birthday!!!! And yes, I’m one of those people who feel that my birthday is like a national holiday or something. Woo Hoo! In honor of my birthday, please make a donation!



I just got back from swimming. Here’s my set:

5 x 200 (Alternating 200 Free, 200 IM) on 4:00 minutes 

10 x 100 (Alternating 100 Free, 100 IM) on 2:10 minutes

100 warm down


Now it’s time for lunch and to get some work done



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