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Early Bird Gets The Worm June 24, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, K's Perspective.

Or something like that. I woke up early this morning to ride with a friend of mine as today is a bike day. We left my house at 6:30 and rode 17 miles. Our route took us through the park out to Ocean Beach, along the Great Highway, around Lake Merced and back.
Overall I felt pretty pathetic riding today. I don’t know if it’s because my body isn’t used to riding in the morning or I’m out of shape from being out sick last week but it was a real struggle for me to maintain a good pace. I kept a 15 MPH pace or so but I can usually keep 17 to 18 MPH now

I wished that I had my camera with me this morning. Not that I’m especially good at cycling and and taking pictures at the same time (actually, i’m rather bad at it being a klutz and all) but there’s this one part where we ride along the beach and it was amazing out this morning. It wasn’t foggy or hazy like it was last night, just a tinge of pink in the sky with the sun starting to shine on the ocean. It looked blue instead of gray like it often does and it smelled so fresh and clean out there (despite the fact that we were near a water treatment plant). Our shadows were cast upon the dunes while we rode by and it just made me feel really glad to be out there on my bike on such a pretty morning in such a great city.

Since I’ve put myself on a mini-quantum wellness cleanse like diet, I’ll also be charting my nutrition, weight, and calories burned on this blog. I feel that nutrition is a key point of training though I’ll save the detailed outlines of what I’m eating for my other blog. I, in conjunction with M, will be posting recipes on the cooking blog so feel free to pop over there for some ideas.

I burned 710 calories today on my ride. I’d give you my weight but i’m certain that my scale is malfunctioning. Seriously, i’m not trying to make excuses but I stepped on it this morning and it said I weighed 170lbs! so I got off of it, hit some of the buttons (damn these new fangled high tech scales) and it said I weight 160lbs so I’m not really trusting it (unless I can lose 10 lbs instantly which i doubt). I’m going in search of a ye olde scale that just gives you your weight, no BMI calculations, no funny settings, no funny buttons, etc. Also, for context, I’m 5’8″ and unfortunately have a large chest. My ideal weight is 140 but my more realistic weight is probably 150 (I fluctuated between 145 – 150 in high school when I was in peak shape). I’m guessing that I weigh around 163/164 as that’s what I’ve been fluctuating around right now (seriously bad muffin top in the hizzouse) so I’m looking to lose between 10 to 15 (If I only lose 10 numerically but have awesome muscles and a lower BMI, then I’ll be happy).



1. Melissa - June 24, 2008

Dude, I totally want your scale that removes 10 pounds within seconds! Where can I find one?!

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