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Pushin’ Through July 8, 2008

Posted by K in K's Perspective, Why Am I Doing This?.

I’m still training and overall, still doing well. I just feel tired and crabby today but I’ll do my best to push through it. I’ve been thinking that instead of blogging here and at my other blog, I should copy Fat Cyclist and start a Fat Triathlete blog or something because I’m still a fatso. I haven’t lost anything substantial – 2 pounds!- which I will probably gain back tonight when I get home and pig out on the cookies that I made last night.

Yesterday was a swim day and I swam 1700 meters,  and today is a bike day. I biked to the train, took the train south, and rode in from the train station. It works out to 16 miles each way or 32 miles round trip. I burned 735 calories this am and I’ll probably burn more for the ride home since it’s uphill and into the wind.


I wish I felt more optimistic and positive because I think I’m becoming a better athlete overall.. it’s just that every time I ride or every time I swim, I don’t feel improved enough. This could be a symptom of always being hypercritical of myself but I do have a good idea of what it means for me to be in swim shape and where I should be in terms of bike shape. I’m not in shape for either and I just feel bummed out. I feel like my running hurts my knees because I’m too fat right now and I feel like I’ll never slim down or get stronger. I know it’s a terrible attitude to have but I just want to lay down and give up.

Maybe I just need a nap and more cookies.



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