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Am I The Only One? July 11, 2008

Posted by K in K's Perspective, TnT Weekly Update.

I think I’m currently the only one posting and possibly training right now.. M? T? Are you guys training

Anyhoo, I was pretty good this week with training and eating overall. Counting from Sunday, here’s my training for the week:

* Sunday – Rode 21 miles

* Monday – Swam 1800

* Tuesday – Rode 27 miles (didn’t end up riding home from the train as I had the BF pick me up)

* Wednesday – Swam 1700, didn’t end up doing track work out as my back hurt real bad

* Thursday – Rest day

* Friday – Swam 1300 straight, no stopping. Got bored and got out of the pool. I have a run planned for later on this afternoon.

* Saturday – Have a bike ride planned for 25 – 30 miles

* Sunday – We get our wet suits on Sunday so we’re swimming in Aquatic Park (YUCK!) and then going for a run with the Team in Training team. Should be a good time even though I am NOT looking forward to swimming in Aquatic Park. Soooo gross.

Overall, I’m FINALLY starting to feel a little bit stronger and faster with my respective sports (save running but at least I’m running more). I’m excited to see what August brings in terms of training. I’ll be stepping up the running, the swimming, and the biking throughout the month of August. I also need to get my Fundraising going because I’ll need all funds by mid-August I think.

Anyone have any great ideas for a Fundraiser?



1. Tim - July 16, 2008

no. No I’m not training. Today I lifted then swam. I was dead after 600 yards. I always make the mistake of lifting first then it ruins my swim.

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