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Training Update – Injuries August 11, 2008

Posted by K in Biking, K's Perspective, Pain.

Well, there’s not much to update on with regard to training as to be quite honest, my training has been rather lackluster. However, there is something to update on, this:

and this:

And my knees:

Yesterday evening, I was riding my bike home after being out at the Toronado 21st anniversary event all day long. I was riding down some street in the lower haight with the boyfriend when I found myself in the middle of the Muni tracks. As I was zipping down the small hill, I thought to myself that I should get out of the tracks and that I was going to go down. Rather than slow down, lift my bike out and move on, I thought that I could be cool and jump the tracks. Alas, I was not cool and my rear tire got caught in the track. I think I went face first over my bike, hit my helmet, followed by my chin and my outstretched right hand. Next thing I knew, I was laying in the street, shocked and completely freaked out. I quickly got up less i get run over, grabbed my bike, staggered to the corner, leaned my bike up against a parking meter and collapsed against a wall. The boyfriend ran over, got me some water as I tried not to throw up or cry, or both.

My chin is scraped up and bruised, my right hand is missing a chunk of skin on the side, i have a few other holes in my hand and my knees are scratched up and bruised. I’m sore from falling and my rear derailer got bent and my bike is temporarily out of service. I’m feeling sore and just trying to dry out my open flesh wounds so I can go swimming tomorrow. I just feel ugly because my chin is swollen and black and blue. I have a wedding to go to this upcoming weekend and I’m going to be all gross in pictures. Thank god for make-up 😉



1. Tim - August 11, 2008


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