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Getting Down to the Wire! August 27, 2008

Posted by K in K's Perspective, Team in Training.

Well, it is getting down to the wire for the tri! The bad news? I’m kinda out of shape… the good news? I still have two and a half weeks to get back on the ball! (pathetic)

I went for a bike ride on Saturday and did 20 miles. It felt great to get on my bike post crash but I need to get my bike adjusted. The new deraileur could use some help so that I have smooth shifting during the race.

I went for a swim in Aquatic Park yesterday so I could get some practice swimming in an ocean-esque environment and in my wet suit. It was nice because I did a mile and I felt pretty good during the swim with the exception of the fact that no matter what I do, I feel like a fat sausage in my wet suit. No joke, it’s like a giant, wet-suit-smelling sausage casing. I almost feel as if I have to waddle while wearing that thing. I also noticed that it chafes me a bit by where my cap line is so I’ll have to make sure to put extra body glide on in that area.

I’m glad that I’ll have a wet suit for this swim because it does keep you warm and even though I’ve swam across Tahoe which was cold as f***, the ocean will be scary and I’ll be thankful for the extra buoyancy. Plus, I’ll be able to use it next year when I do the Point to La Pointe swim.

Yes, after going to WI for the wedding, I am going to try and participate in a swim across the teeniest section of Lake Superior next summer. It’s about 2 miles from the main Bayfiled, WI to Madeline Island. You swim the channel that becomes the ice road between the two in the winter and they require that you wear a wet suit. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Plus, looking at the results, I’m pretty sure I could kick some serious butt for the 20 – 29 W category (assuming that they do it by age group). The first 20-29 finisher did a 30min. mile which I can totally do so I’m planning on winning. Did I mention that I’m competitive?

At any rate, tonight I have a track workout, a bike ride tomorrow, a swim and a run on Friday and then this weekend we head down to Pacific Grove to check out the course. I plan to get some extra practice swimming in the ocean (and in kelp) in my sausage casing. Stay tuned!

(p.s. I’m going to have my mom/boyfriend armed with my camera for the actual tri to capture pictures which I’ll post here assuming I don’t have boogers/blood/look too fat/look too ugly etc. This blog could use more pictures)



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