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New Training Plan October 17, 2008

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With my new re-focusing on swimming, my training plan needs some adjustments. Here’s what I’m thinking I’ll be doing for the next few months:

Monday – swim during lunch

Tuesday – Swim in the AM, spin during lunch

Wednesday – Swim in the AM

Thursday – Swim in the AM, ride/spin during lunch or afternoon

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Bike ride or Yoga or something fun

Sunday – Bike ride if I didn’t on Saturday, or some other kind of exercise like hike, jog, yoga, etc.

I’m also planning to work some weight trianing in there somewhere and probably switch up some swim days with a run if my shoulders aren’t cooperating. I’ve been kinda lame, I didn’t go swimming this morning like I should have because my head was just killing me. These caffeine withdrawal headaches are tough. hopefully after tomorrow, they won’t hurt anymore. I hope. *sigh*


Tri Girl Tri Recap October 15, 2008

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Tri Girl Tri is a fun little tri in Napa with a short swim in Lake Berryessa, an somewhat hilly 11 mile ride, followed by a 3 mile run. This year I had planned to completely rock the swim and then kick butt on the rest of the triathlon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Picture this, it’s 5:00am on a Saturday morning and it’s dark and scary. You get into your car, pick up the person you’re carpooing with and realize that it’s really windy in SF. You hope that it’s not that windy and cold in Napa cos you have a triathlon to do, most of which is spent in a skimpy shorts/top combo that doesn’t provide much warmth. Alas, when you arrive at Lake Berryessa, it is colder and still windy. You think you’ll still kick butt on the swim, despite the fact that it’s cold out but then the race organizers are working to foil your plans of triathlon butt-kicking.

They cancelled the swim. That’s right, they cancelled the swim because the wind was making the lake too choppy for the rescue canoes. They took away the only part that I’m really good at. Sad Face to say the least.

Instead, we ran a half mile, biked the 11, and than ran the original 3 miles. I opted to not switch to my bike shoes because i figured it would cut down on my transition time. I did fine the first half mile and took it out kinda fast. There’s this one part by the finish and where you come into the transition area that was all gravely and I made it through fine. That time (ooo foreshadowing!)

The bike was OK. It was windy as all heck so you were really pushing against the wind for the first half. I tried to take every downhill as fast as possible so I could keep momentum against the wind and the next up-hill cos for every down, there was an up. After the bike, my legs felt a little wobbly but I ran into the transition area, grabbed my hat and ditched my bike and headed out on the run. I had to walk a teeny tiny bit and i had to stop at a different point to take a rock out of my shoe. Other than that I’d like to think that I ran fairly strong.

As I was coming back through the very last half mile, some girl started running very close behind me. I thought it was strange because there was ample room for her to go around if she wanted to but no, she chose to jog along behind me. Well as we reached the gravel, I sort of lost my footing a bit but would have been fine if the foolio behind me hadn’t been so close! She stumbled into my stumbling, which made me fall, and to add insult to injury, she fell on top of me. Stupid ho.

Alas, gravel is not a friendly falling surface, especially if you’re in shorts. I got right up though, and finished and tried to even beat stupid girl but i couldn’t go fast enough to get around her. I crossed the finish line and took a look at my injuries. They didn’t appear to be too bad so I got some food and my tshirt and I headed back into the transition area to pack up and meet the boyfriend. When I got there I was a bit more bleedy than i thought i would have been and I realized that I basically lost a good chunk of skin (though not very deep). I cleaned it up, packed up, and got into my car and drove a grueling 3 hours to meet up with the boyfriend in Cloverdale. Needless to say I was grumpy and tired upon my arrival.

My scabs are healing nicely and are getting to the point where I can start to pick them off should I choose to do so. I probably will pick them off cos i’m gross like that.

Next up – Swimming!

Tri Girl Tri October 11, 2008

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Well tomorrow I’m heading up to Lake Berryessa to do Tri Girl Tri. I think it will be a fun Tri to finish up the season. It’s just a sprint with a half mile swim in my favorite lake to swim in (Lake Berryessa), an 11 mile bike ride along the lake, and a 3 mile run. This one should be more hilly than the mermaid but I’m estimating a time of 1:20 or so. I’m just going give it all I’ve got and hopefully kick butt on it.

This Tri wraps up my tri season and after Saturday, I’ll be focusing on swimming and becoming a fast swimmer again. I’ll also be giving yoga, weight lifting and toning a try to get my bootay in tip top bootay shaking shape 🙂

In Search of Hot Male Swimmers October 8, 2008

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I recently joined the USF Masters swim team so I could meet hot mens! Just kidding! Mostly.

I have really joined the team though. I realized with the switch of my mid-day meetings and the pool by work going to M-W-F noon swims, I was only going to swim one day a week. After watching the Olympics and watching my baby-dady swim and win all those awards, I felt inspired to train more seriously for swimming. This would require swimming at least 4 to 5 days a week and getting a minimum of 2500 in each workout. So, enter the USF Masters Team.

The pool is near my house, they have workouts at 6am and at 7am, plus workouts after work if I miss one and on the weekend. This gives me a chance to get that 4-5 days a week of swimming in. Plus, there’s a real coach with real workouts and they require that you swim at least 2 days a week and attend events like swim meets. This will encourage me to not flake out (that and the fact that it costs frikkin $70/month!), and I’ll get a chance to compete again. Because, all joking aside, I’m actually really competitive and kind of a jerk sometimes.

I’m excited. I swam yesterday and that went OK, the workout left something to be desired but today’s workout was much better. I swam 2250 which was OK for the am. The hardest part is that the pool will not open before 6am so it makes getting in the water at 6am a bit of a challenge. I’m thinking that from now on, I’ll put my cap on and have everything ready to go so I’ll just walk to the pool deck and take off my sweats and get in. Who cares if I’m the crazy lady with a swim cap on? 😉