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Shake Your Bun Bun February 19, 2009

Posted by M in Feelin' Good, M's Perspective.

It’s been about a month since I last posted and not much has changed.  I’ve been making my dietary and fitness goals but sadly, I haven’t lost any weight.  The good thing is that I haven’t gained any either but it’s still a little frustrating to do so much work and not really see any kind of progress in the area you’re wanting to change.  Even more frustrating is the fact that James and I have similar work-outs and diets and he’s dropping the pounds like, um, they’re hot(?).  I’m aware of the vast difference between James and me, mostly that he has more weight to lose, but still annoyed.  I’ve just got to keep with my work-out and hope that eventually, I’ll see a little change in the numbers that will bring something other than a “Goddammit!” out of my mouth.

James and I have decided to run the Schlotzky’s Bun Run in May.  It’s just a 5k but it’s something we can do together and hopefully I can make up for the fact that I totally overslept for last year’s race and missed it.  D’oh me.  

The AT&T Marathon was this past Sunday and I actually had a lot of friends run both the half and the full marathon.  While talking to some friends, I found out that I actually got two of them motivated to run the half, yay me!  Apparently my gung-ho-ness (is that a word?  It is now) about training last year got them thinking about running and they started training soon after.  I still feel a littl guilty about not following through but at least I got two other people out there and that has to count for something.  

One last thing.  I really don’t think people understand just how beneficial working out is not just for your body but also for your mental well-being.  I’ve had a rough past few months with losing my job and then having Bubby pass away but I think that thing that has saved me is my daily work-out routine.  We’re all familiar with Elle Woods’ theory of “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t.” And it’s really true.  Bubby passed away a week before we took our engagement photos so to continue to get in shape for the pics and to just get out of the house, I went on a daily run and I was okay.  I wasn’t great, I mean, my seven year old dog/best friend had just passed away unexpectadly but I was good.  After we took the pictures, I gave myself a week off to just relax and bum around and that was a pretty bad idea.  I was sad and mopey and just generally unhappy but once I started my runs again, I was back to being fine.  Now I’m not just working out for the wedding or to be happy with my body but to be happy.  It’s way better than any pill and it’s free!



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