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Capitol 10K March 31, 2009

Posted by M in M's Perspective, Running.

James and I ran in the Capitol 10K yesterday.  The race started at nine in the morning but there were so many people there, it took us five minutes to cross the starting line.  It was incredibly crowded and the first two miles were pretty tough because we were weaving in and out of people but once we got out of the crowd, it wasn’t too bad.  My ankle started to tighten up around mile two but James kept me going for another mile and then, oh man, and then I saw The Hill.  It had been about thirty-seven minutes and we’d just hit mile three and there was this steep hill.  At this point, my ankle yelled up at me “I quit this bitch, bitch!”  My ankle is so damn testy.

I decided to walk a bit and James kept going because he’s hardcore and doesn’t know what pain is.  I walked about a little over a quarter mile and started running again.  Running without James wasn’t that different from running with James even though I thought I’d suck without him because he pushes me to go on.  Aw, I’m so co-dependent.  Anyway, I kept going and met up with him around the four and a half mile mark.  We ended up finishing in an hour and fifteen minutes which was my goal so that made me pretty happy.

The race was definitely tougher than I expected.  I almost never run outdoors so the hills and wind slowed me down. That and I don’t run well.  This was my first race, ever, so that was pretty exciting.  I’m looking forward to the Bun Run 5k in May and hopefully I won’t hurt as much as I do today.  Just in case I do, I’m booking my massage now.



1. Tim - April 1, 2009

good job in finishing in your hoped for time. Was this the most you’ve ever run?

2. Melissa - April 1, 2009

Yep, by three miles. I realize I’m pretty lame.

3. t - April 2, 2009

lame would have been quitting because it was too far. It’s awesome that you did it.

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