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Right on pace for a disaster April 7, 2009

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So this weekend I cut my pace for 10 miles from a fast 7:53 to a very fast 7:37. Which means one of the following will happen to ruin my race day
– 100 degree day
– 20 degrees and rain
– I’ll break my leg playing softball 2 weeks before the race
– I’ll pull my hamstring 2 days before the race playing softball
– struck by lightening
– struck by dump truck
– struck by meteor


Back in Shape April 1, 2009

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This past weekend I had my fastest 10 mile training run ever. I did 10 miles, by myself, at a 7:53 pace, going faster and faster over the last 4 miles.
I keep a spreadsheet of all my runs, and this same weekend last year I ran only 5 miles and 20 seconds per mile slower. In 4 and a half weeks I’m doing the Broad Street Run (10 miler) so I figure by then I’ll be able to do around negative 5 minutes per mile and finish almost an hour before the race even starts.

Setting the Stage Before I Almost Die on Saturday April 1, 2009

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Well Saturday is the Cinderella ride and much like last year, I didn’t train all that much before and I’m only at 30 miles in the saddle right now. While I’m in better shape than I was last year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do 65 miles on Saturday because lately, my hip flexor muscles (i think that’s what they’re called), get too stiff/sore/tight at around 30 miles. I’ll do my best to stretch and take it easy while riding on Saturday.

In other news, I have a tiara for the ride, and I’m going to rock my sequined mini skirt again this year. I’m planning to swing by the Piedmont Boutique on Haight tomorrow or Friday to see if they have anything sparkly and fun to add to my outfit. I’m still undecided on a boa as I’m worried that it will be itchy and will just get in the way. I’ll post a picture or two from the ride on the blog here afterwards.

I’m also continuing with the cross-training by starting up swimming again, and now I’ve decided to add Yoga. Swimming will be good for cardio vascular reasons, and good for working on my tan. Yoga will be good for strength and flexibility.
I realize that this post is incredibly boring but I promise to be funny again soon. I’m thinking of posting something on how I’ve come to realize that professional cycling has a lot of really hot guys. I am single now so yes, I think about men a lot. And men in skintight clothes that lets you know what you’re getting upfront? even better.