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We are M and K and we are awesome. M is training for the 2009 AT&T Marathon being held in Austin, TX and K is training for the Cinderella Classic (A Metric Century in Livermore, CA), the Mermaid Classic (A Sprint Triathlon in Freemont, CA), and the Davis Century (A full Century in Davis, CA). This blog will chronicle our attempts at becoming the greatest marathon/triathletes ever, all while maintaining our fabulousness.



1. M - February 20, 2008

Uh, K, you make me sound like a loser cause I’m only doing one thing! Alright, so after my run, I’m taking over the world! In Spandex! 😉

2. K - February 20, 2008

Awesome! And taking over the world in spandex is necessary, just look at any comic superhero. They’re all in Spandex… or animal fur.

3. Jessica - February 21, 2008

Wait a minute, K how come you’re not training for the Belle or Snow White classics??? J/k that was a lame joke.

Good luck girls! Oh and M, I totally recommend the Under Armour spandex pants…for some reason you feel just a tad bit more athletic in them.

4. K - February 21, 2008

There were too many dwarves signed up for the Snow White classic and the Beast was just too scary in the Belle classic 😉

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