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K’s Most Important Gear – Swimming March 11, 2008

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With all my attempts at being sporty, I’ve accumulated some must-have items for my various sports. I’ve begun compiling a list of things that I love complete with pictures and everything. Beginning with swimming:


These are the Aqua Racer goggles from Speedo. They are by far my current favorite goggles. I have them in a metallic black color but I want to get a lighter pair for swimming indoors. They don’t fog up, they protect my eyes when swimming outdoors and they really fit to my face so I don’t get any leaks. I used to wear the Socket Rocket goggles from TYR but they hurt my face too much now that I’m old and not as hardcore as I used to be.


This is a Proback suit from Speedo. I’m not as particular about suit brands as much as I’m particular about the back. The back on this suit just really fits me. I also have a Speedo flyback training two piece for swimming during the summer so my tummy gets tan. I really like suit backs that are more open and less restrictive. For example, the TYR Maxback is good for those seeking more coverage in a suit but I find them restrictive. If a suit has a comfortable back and is more open, then I like it a lot more. I’m debating whether or not I want to check out some of Speedo’s strappier back suits like the Axel back or the Corset back. If I do, I’ll let you know. There are some good TYR suits out there, just be wary of the Maxback. If you’re looking to get started in swimming but don’t want to blow $70 on a suit, then check out your local sports store and places like Sports Basement. Sports Basement has great deals on suits and other swim stuff and if you’re in the Bay Area, it’s a great place to go to get all the stuff you need to get started in swimming.

Another thing that’s not really for swimming but for after that I can’t live without is Swim-EAR. It helps get the water out of my ears after I swim because there’s only so much jumping up and down and shaking my head that I can do.

All you do is put a few drops of Swim-EAR into the watery ear, then tilt your head over and all the water magically comes out. Woo!

Other swimming necessities include a cap, sunscreen, a towel, a pull buoy, paddles, and a kickboard. If you want more info on how to use a pull buoy, paddles, and a kickboard, leave a comment and I can go into detail. All I’ll say here is that they will help you target specific things and help with strength/endurance training and that most pools will have ones for you to use during lap swim.

I get caps from events or from the $1 cap bin at swim meets (They’re usually misprints). You can get a silicone cap or a regular cap at most sports stores. I say go for a latex cap over a silicone cap. Never go for lycra caps, they suck. If a latex cap pulls your hair putting it on, put a little bit of baby powder in it.

The only other thing that I can not go swimming without are flip flops.  Yes, flip flops.


Do not walk on a locker room floor barefoot. Especially at a public pool. Gross. Hence the flip flops. They are very necessary. Flip flops keep you from stepping in other people’s hair, contracting nasty things like warts and athletes foot and can look very cute! It’s okay to forget a towel (use a t-shirt), a cap (a pool will have some in the lost and found), goggles even (again, lost and found or just do kick), but a suit and flip flops are always necessary.