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Team in Training – Week One June 6, 2008

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Well, this week marks the first week of official Team in Training workouts. I have done a total of – wait for it… wait… ONE work out! That’s right, one measily lame work out of running for 20 minutes with the TnT team. “and the award for the most pathetic lame exerciser goes to… K!”
On the plus, I’m going swimming this afternoon (finally) at the pool by my house (again, finally) so I should have another post on pools soon and a workout post. I know that I NEED to get moving and working out, especially since I have a mini sprint tri next weekend. *sigh*

Soon I’ll be all trainy McTrainyson soon.


Que Pena May 3, 2008

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So I had my 5k this morning at eight a.m.  I woke up at 9:30.  D’oh!  I’ve had three late nights in a row and I guess my body and my mind were just not into waking up early and running three miles.  I feel like a bum, HOWEVER, I’ll get to make it up next weekend because there’s another 5k on Saturday.  That one I WILL MAKE, unless I stay out late on Friday and I’m like “Eff this, I’m sleepin!”  Which is not what happened this morning, no, not at all.

I’m so unworthy of this blog.

Has anyone noticed that a majority of my posts are tagged as ‘lazy?’  Eeenteresting…

And I Ran March 30, 2008

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But not so far away.  I went home for Easter and as promised, ran at least once while I was there.  On Saturday morning I made my way into the football field to run around the track and I ran into high school best friend, Vanessa.  I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in almost seven years so we spent a mile and a half catching up with each other.  After she left the field, I went and ran another mile and then attempted to do stairs.  That’s right, attempted.  Then my legs decided they hated me and protested my attempt to get them nice and toned for summer and locked up on me and told me they would not bend unless I allowed them to walk in the direction of my mother’s house and into the comfort of a bed.  I relented and made my way home.  Those legs are so bossy.

I didn’t have time to do much running this past week because I left my old job and pretty much spent about five days hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while because I’ve been so caught up in myself.  Bad M, for so many other reasons than I’m not training properly.  I did, however, talk to a friend of a friend last night and told her about my decision to run the marathon next February.  She told me that she’s going to run a half marathon in Houston next January so we made a pact to run the half marathon together in the great last hurrah before my marathon.  So I might not have trained but I did give myself another goal, which I’m hoping will finally get me in the proper mind set to get myself right.

Then my legs looked at me and said “Are you crazy?  You only told us we’d be running one marathon and now you’re adding an additional thirteen miles?!” and they said they wouldn’t move again unless it was in the direction of the wine and cheese plate.  Seriously, those legs have the worst attitude.

Impending Disaster March 25, 2008

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I haven’t been doing much of anything lately due to work traveling and just general laziness. The Cinderella ride is in two weekends and I’m still at 20/25 miles. I’m starting to feel very nervous and unhappy about my stupid decision to do this ride when I’m clearly not ready. The only plus is that I did get some swimming in last week. Not much, but some. Hopefully I won’t die….

One Month Mark March 18, 2008

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And Melissa has been slacking. I haven’t ran or done anything other than sit on my behind and play Sims for the past two weeks. That’s not true. Last week I went to a bunch of shows and drank a lot of alcohol. Does the movement of picking up the beer and bringing it to my lips count as a curl? If so, I did TONS of upper body last week.

I will be visiting the parentals this weekend for Easter so I plan on getting a few miles in while down there. I typically wake up really early in the morning and head over to the football field and run a few laps when I visit them. I also like running in my parent’s neighborhood because 1. it gets me out of the house and 2. I know it like the back of my hand. I never run by myself here in Austin. We don’t live in a bad neighborhood, quite the contrary, we live in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, but our neighbors don’t know me and probably wouldn’t notice me being forced into a big white van. Yes, someone watched A LOT of Unsolved Mysteries as a child. Running down the street in Uvalde, I’ll see Mr. Velasquez and remember him taking his daughter, Julissa, and I to CCD. I’ll see Mrs. Perez and ask her about her son Jonathan, who put glue in my hair in the fifth grade. Mrs. Avila, whose son Aldo bought me a Happy Birthday balloon when I was thirteen. Mr. Buttman (yeah, Buttman) who once fixed the a/c in my bedroom one excruciatingly hot summer. So yeah, you can say I know the people back home.

So yeah, definitely running this weekend and will be back in gear by next week. Promise.