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Capitol 10K March 31, 2009

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James and I ran in the Capitol 10K yesterday.  The race started at nine in the morning but there were so many people there, it took us five minutes to cross the starting line.  It was incredibly crowded and the first two miles were pretty tough because we were weaving in and out of people but once we got out of the crowd, it wasn’t too bad.  My ankle started to tighten up around mile two but James kept me going for another mile and then, oh man, and then I saw The Hill.  It had been about thirty-seven minutes and we’d just hit mile three and there was this steep hill.  At this point, my ankle yelled up at me “I quit this bitch, bitch!”  My ankle is so damn testy.

I decided to walk a bit and James kept going because he’s hardcore and doesn’t know what pain is.  I walked about a little over a quarter mile and started running again.  Running without James wasn’t that different from running with James even though I thought I’d suck without him because he pushes me to go on.  Aw, I’m so co-dependent.  Anyway, I kept going and met up with him around the four and a half mile mark.  We ended up finishing in an hour and fifteen minutes which was my goal so that made me pretty happy.

The race was definitely tougher than I expected.  I almost never run outdoors so the hills and wind slowed me down. That and I don’t run well.  This was my first race, ever, so that was pretty exciting.  I’m looking forward to the Bun Run 5k in May and hopefully I won’t hurt as much as I do today.  Just in case I do, I’m booking my massage now.


Serious Face, Now September 20, 2008

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The marathon is in six months so I started my serious training a few weeks ago.  I had hoped to start September 1st but that date happened to fall while we were in Scotland and I was NOT going to run on vacation.  Luckily we did a lot of walking, I mean A LOT, so although I didn’t run for a week, I was walking an average of five miles a day and that made up for it.  Okay, it might not have been five miles a day but it felt like it.  Word to the wise: if you ever go to Scotland and visit the William Wallace monument, don’t trust your tour guide who tells you it’s a short ten minute walk from the bottom of the hill to the monument.  It’s a twenty minute HIKE at a 50 DEGREE angle.  Yes, I’m still bitter.

My current routine consists of thirty minute runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I was doing weight training on Tuesdays and Thursdays but our softball season just started so it’s only Tuesdays since  Thursday night is game night.  I save for my loooong runs for Saturday.  Well, sort of long runs.  I’m increasing my distance a mile a week so right now I’m at three miles so Saturday is the day I test my distance.  I haven’t been timing myself on my Saturdays runs but I’m going to assume it’s an hour.  Just kidding…it’s two (at least it feels like it). 

I’m having issues finding a good running route in my neighborhood so I’ve been doing all of my running on a treadmill.  I’m not really fond of that but until I find something, it’ll have to do.  I’m thinking of finding a running partner but it’s hard to find a reliable person in my group of lazy friends.  I don’t mean you or you but I definitely mean you.  Maybe I’ll post something on Craigslist…

In addition to the work-out, I’ve changed my diet as well.  I’ve pretty much avoided meat since the detox and am trying to cut back on my gluten intake.  During the detox, I noticed my body just seemed to function better without gluten so I’m slowly trying to get to a gluten-free diet.  Since I take Thursday off from working out, I also take Thursday off from my diet.  Hey, you can’t play softball without beer!  I mean, I’m sure you can but what fun is that?  But really, I do feel lighter and more alert on this diet so even when the training and marathon are over, I’ll stick with it. 

Hmmm, what else is new?  My old knee injury has decided to come back, which makes running difficult somedays but I’ve been pushing through it.  Who needs a knee anyway?  I’ve been increasing my lower body weight training and am hoping it’ll help but let’s face it, I’m just getting old.  The body is starting to fall apart.  At 27, yay.

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again… August 13, 2008

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Probably me!

I’ve run 15 miles over the last 8 days and hope to run about 6 more tonight.  The Philly half marathon is in less than 6 weeks and if the next week or two goes well I’ll sign up for it.  It was my favorite race last year because it’s sooo flat and it’s a nice run through the city and by the river.  So, stay tuned for more…

Wow, Is July Really Almost Over? July 31, 2008

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Training for this week has mostly been pretty lame. After almost killing myself on Saturday, I went for a swim in Del Valle lake when I was up their with my family. It was really refreshing and felt so nice since Del Valle is a nice, warm lake.

Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was just me being the laziest mofo ever. On Wednesday I went for a run and today is a bike, then short run day. Tomorrow is a swim. I haven’t swam in a week but I’m not too worried. Next week I’ll be swimming more and this weekend we have another aquatic park swim practice (yuck!)

I’m noticing that my knees hurt a lot more these days. I don’t know if it’s because I’m fat or if its because I’m old. Or maybe it’s because I’m fat and old? At any rate, they hurt and I don’t know what to do because two out of the three sports in the Tri involve lots of knee bending. *sigh* getting old sucks

Update July 26, 2008

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Am exhausted. brick workout of 26 mile ride then a 3 mile run. In the heat. Without enough hydration or energy. Kicked butt on the bike but pretty much almost died on the run. Can’t walk without pain and am ready for a nap.


plus? burned 1850 calories already!

I Feel Like a Penguin July 14, 2008

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My wet suit makes me feel like a penguin. A stumpy, chubby penguin with flailing arms. At least it helped me stay warm while swimming in Aquatic Park.

So Sunday, we swam in Aquatic Park to test out our suits and to get experience swimming in the open water. As a swimmer, I’ve done my share of open water swimming except it’s all been in lakes and rivers. The sad thing is that even though I knew that the Bay water would be salty from the Ocean, I didn’t really expect HOW salty it would be! When we started swimming, I freaked out a bit from the salty taste in my mouth (apparently, I also didn’t realize how much water I get in my mouth while swimming…ew). After swimming, we went for a run and I only did the 3 mile run because my shins and IT bands were hurting.

After a workout, I reflected on swimming in a wet suit. The pros include staying warm and being more floaty. The cons include being restricted and feeling slightly claustrophobic and penguin-esque. I think wet suits are really made for skinny people. Putting it on is a difficult task but at least taking it off isn’t too bad.

I bought my first-ever tri-kit this weekend. It’s made by De Soto and it’s a two piece one which was very important to me. I figure I’ll wear the shorts and my sports bra under my wet suit for the actual tri and then just throw on the top when I get out. I’ll be able to use it for Tri Girl Tri and the Catalina Tri this year as well so definitely worth the $$.

Final things worth mentioning today:

1) Fundraising is still going, please donate today via the link that says “putting the FUN in Fundraising!”

2) Healdsburg Harvest Century on Saturday with the BF. should be interesting as I’m once again sure of my untimely demise via bike.

Update: I went for a swim during lunch and I swam 2200 meters today. I think I’m finally at a point where things are going to get better for me for my workouts! I got in the pool, felt good, and swam a good pace! My workout:

1000 meters warm up

200, 300, 200, 300, 200 broken down as follows:

200 Free and I hit a 3:15 pace

300 alternating 25 fly, 25 free for the first 100, 25 back, 25 free for the second 100, and 25 breast, 25 free for the last 100

200 Free and I hit a 3:15 pace AGAIN! woo hoo!

300 alternating 50 fly, 50 free for the first 100, 100 back for the second, 50 breast, 50 free for the third

200 warm-down pace and I hit a 3:30!!!

I’m FINALLY getting faster/better!

Training Update July 7, 2008

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Last Monday = Rest Day

Last Tuesday = Swam 2000 meters or something. I was swimming at Rossi and it’s 100 ft because it was built back in the day when America was all about America and ridiculous measurements.

Last Wednesday = Swam 2000 meters in a real pool. Had to tell someone to get out of my lane because they were swimming on the wrong side of the lane and were all in all, way too slow. Some people need to figure it out! After work, I had my second track workout of the season which was a timed 2 mile run. I ran at around 8:30 something for the first mile and close to that for the second as I came in around 17:40 for both. I am a slow runner so to hit around an 8:30/8:40ish pace for the miles is a monumental achievement. I haven’t had a good pace since my old cross country days when I was a spry young thing. Back then, I had to walk to school, uphill both ways in the snow so I was able to keep a 7:30 pace for miles. Ahh to be young… now that I’m old and only 3 years away from 30, I think an 8:30 pace isn’t too bad. I also burned 800 calories for the entire workout! w00t!

Last Thursday = Biked 19 miles with the boyfriend. He and I are doing the Healdsburg Harvest Century on the weekend of the 19th so we both needed to get some biking in. It’s a metric so it’s only 60 miles and if the Cinderella ride taught me anything it’s that I can bike 60 miles even if I’m not in biking shape. I just won’t be able to walk afterwards. On the plus, I’m in better shape overall going into this ride than the Cinderella so thank you team in training. Woo hoo! Burned around 840 calories.

Last Friday = swam like 100 feet up the Russian River, turned around and came back. There were too many drunk people out paddling around in metal canoes. I decided that I’d like to maintain consciousness and not drown in the river on the 4th of July so instead I waded around in the river and tempted the doggie to swim out further than she was.

Saturday = rest day

Sunday = Ride 21 miles. It was hot and it was a good ride. We kept a good pace and I burned 857 calories. Too bad I ate like a billion calories when I got home cos I had a huge bowl of pasta. Oh wells.

Today is a swim day, followed by a bike day tomorrow, followed by another swim & track workout day, followed by a swim, then a run, then finally a rest day (cos I have to go to the stupid dentist) then another team in training workout. I’m going to rock this tri!

Finally, for those of you who haven’t donated but would still like to, please click on that link that says “Putting the FUN in Fundraising!” Any donation helps and I really appreciate it! As do the survivors and the people fighting blood cancers 🙂

Not So Fond Memories June 26, 2008

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Way back when, I ran cross country for three years in high school. It was my “off” sport so I didn’t have to do P.E. when it wasn’t swim season. My super awesome XC coach (who was also Greek) would always call myself and my running buddy the “surf and turf club” because we were both swimmers and cross country runners. We used to run at least 3 miles a day and in fact, usually ran at 5+. Unless it was a track workout day. Ahhh fond memories…

wait no,… running hurts and track workouts suck!

I just got back from the weekday Team in Training practice where we did our first track workout. Mileage worked out to about 2.5 miles but the track part was 3×400 sprint, with 400 recovery in between. I hurt. All over.

I did my first sprint one at like 1:50, the second at 1:52, and then the third I said to myself, “K, you used to run way faster! you used to not be so fat or so suckey!” so i pushed it out and got it down to 1:46 and then promptly felt like puking but did not. The plus was that after all of that, I had to ride my bike home and even though it was less than a mile, it was cold and windy out. Pity me 😦

Calories burned = the silver lining in all of this: 793!

Lazy-pants June 25, 2008

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Lazy pants strikes again!

No swimming today but I do have a team in training track workout this afternoon. According to the schedule it looks as if we’ll be running 400m repeats or something.

I’ll update this post with the calories after the workout but I did want to share that the crack scale read 165 this am so take that for what you will. Who knows if it’s too high, too low. I guess my scale is making weight loss fun?

p.s. no swimming = greasy hair for me today until I shower later on tonight. Gross

Mermaid Tri Recap June 16, 2008

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This past Saturday, I participated in the Mermaid Women’s Triathlon in Fremont, CA. It was a 400 meter swim, 11 mile bike ride, and a 2.5 mile run. It’s a great little sprint tri with an easy course and a good vibe. My official time was 1:18 compared to 1:31 from last year so go me!

The Swim: The swim went really well and was a great warm up. I believe that I was either second or third out of the water for the For Fun division and I did it in 8.27 minutes. The water wasn’t too cold and I didn’t get kicked or swum over so that is always a plus.

Transition One: My slowest transition. Aside from the fact that you have to run up a grass hill (in your swim suit I might add) you have to dry off, and if your me, you have to do a deck change and put on your bike shorts and top and shoes while still wet. I swam with my sports bra under my suit to try and cut down on time but it didn’t help all that much. My first transition took me 6.06 minutes and because of that, I’m seriously considering purchasing a tri-suit for when I do the Pac Grove tri.

The Bike: When I got on my bike I was chilly and a bit worried about how it was going to go since I made the brave decision to clip in (I fall over because sometimes I can’t un-clip in time). However, when I started peddaling, I felt really good. I kept a pace of about 17 to 18 MPH during the whole course (it was a nice flat 3 loop course) and completed the bike and my second transition in 38.89 minutes (they lump the two together for some reason…) I could have gone faster I think but I had some serious doubts about the run and didn’t want to blow out my legs. I haven’t been running and I was pretty sure that I would suck hard core. The bright side was that I didn’t fall over! woo hoo!

The Run: Going into the tri, the run was what worried me the most. I was afraid I’d die and that I’d have to walk the whole thing and that I’d probably crap my pants because that’s how running makes me feel. Instead, I got off the bike, took off my bike shoes, slipped on my running shoes and grabbed my hat, and began the run. I felt like crap for the first part of the run and everything hurt but I was possessed and felt that I NEEDED to keep running so I did. Fortunately I hit some sort of delirious runners high because I kept going despite the fact that I was in a lot of pain. I ended up running the whole way which made me very proud of myself and I finished strong (despite the fact that the finish is along the beach and is SO HARD).

All in all, a successful tri! I’ll see if I can post pics when they send them out to us. It made feel positive about the upcoming Pac Grove tri with Team in Training and I felt pretty strong overall.