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Right on pace for a disaster April 7, 2009

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So this weekend I cut my pace for 10 miles from a fast 7:53 to a very fast 7:37. Which means one of the following will happen to ruin my race day
– 100 degree day
– 20 degrees and rain
– I’ll break my leg playing softball 2 weeks before the race
– I’ll pull my hamstring 2 days before the race playing softball
– struck by lightening
– struck by dump truck
– struck by meteor


Back in Shape April 1, 2009

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This past weekend I had my fastest 10 mile training run ever. I did 10 miles, by myself, at a 7:53 pace, going faster and faster over the last 4 miles.
I keep a spreadsheet of all my runs, and this same weekend last year I ran only 5 miles and 20 seconds per mile slower. In 4 and a half weeks I’m doing the Broad Street Run (10 miler) so I figure by then I’ll be able to do around negative 5 minutes per mile and finish almost an hour before the race even starts.

I’m here! I’m here! January 22, 2009

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I’ve been back on a workout regime for about a month now. I’m up to running 4 days a week and lifting two days a week. I’m starting to get in shape for the Broad Street 10 miler in May and more importantly getting in beach shape for my Punta Cana trip on Feb 19th. I don’t have a weight loss goal but I didn’t like the 189 my scale read a few weeks ago. I’m working out, and eating better and just trying to look better and feel better.

I’m trying something new. The 100 pushup challange. With all my years of swimming my shoulders are pretty horrible and I haven’t been able to do much pushup type work in years. My shoulder have gotten better over the years of not swimming so I’m going for this. I’m too lazy to read the website, but I think the goal is to be able to do 100 pushups without stopping. In my latest workout I did 16,17,14,14, then the last set is to do as many as you can and I did 30 for a total of 91. My the end of the 6 week program you’re doing a total of at least 220 and 60 without stopping. I guess you then take a day or two off then try 100 non-stop? I don’t know, I don’t care much about the goal, just the results. Which is me looking even more like Mr. America.

New Training Plan October 17, 2008

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With my new re-focusing on swimming, my training plan needs some adjustments. Here’s what I’m thinking I’ll be doing for the next few months:

Monday – swim during lunch

Tuesday – Swim in the AM, spin during lunch

Wednesday – Swim in the AM

Thursday – Swim in the AM, ride/spin during lunch or afternoon

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Bike ride or Yoga or something fun

Sunday – Bike ride if I didn’t on Saturday, or some other kind of exercise like hike, jog, yoga, etc.

I’m also planning to work some weight trianing in there somewhere and probably switch up some swim days with a run if my shoulders aren’t cooperating. I’ve been kinda lame, I didn’t go swimming this morning like I should have because my head was just killing me. These caffeine withdrawal headaches are tough. hopefully after tomorrow, they won’t hurt anymore. I hope. *sigh*

In Search of Hot Male Swimmers October 8, 2008

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I recently joined the USF Masters swim team so I could meet hot mens! Just kidding! Mostly.

I have really joined the team though. I realized with the switch of my mid-day meetings and the pool by work going to M-W-F noon swims, I was only going to swim one day a week. After watching the Olympics and watching my baby-dady swim and win all those awards, I felt inspired to train more seriously for swimming. This would require swimming at least 4 to 5 days a week and getting a minimum of 2500 in each workout. So, enter the USF Masters Team.

The pool is near my house, they have workouts at 6am and at 7am, plus workouts after work if I miss one and on the weekend. This gives me a chance to get that 4-5 days a week of swimming in. Plus, there’s a real coach with real workouts and they require that you swim at least 2 days a week and attend events like swim meets. This will encourage me to not flake out (that and the fact that it costs frikkin $70/month!), and I’ll get a chance to compete again. Because, all joking aside, I’m actually really competitive and kind of a jerk sometimes.

I’m excited. I swam yesterday and that went OK, the workout left something to be desired but today’s workout was much better. I swam 2250 which was OK for the am. The hardest part is that the pool will not open before 6am so it makes getting in the water at 6am a bit of a challenge. I’m thinking that from now on, I’ll put my cap on and have everything ready to go so I’ll just walk to the pool deck and take off my sweats and get in. Who cares if I’m the crazy lady with a swim cap on? 😉

My half marathon September 24, 2008

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It went ok. I was going strong for the first 9 miles, but didn’t have the base miles to finish as strong as I would have liked. I was 3 minutes slower than last year with about 8 less weeks of training.

I was just out of the camera range in this picture. Damn.

Now What? September 22, 2008

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Well I finally finished my triathlon and I’m still signed up to do Tri Girl Tri in October but I kind of feel like, now what? I know that I’ve got an event to train for still but I feel like doing something new, something different.

I went swimming today and did 2,000 meters with a quick set. I’m going to go for a short run tomorrow, a swim on Wednesday am before the work event, then swimming on Thursday and Friday when I’m in TX hanging out with MELISSA!!!!

It’s gonna be awesome, bloggers unite!

Serious Face, Now September 20, 2008

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The marathon is in six months so I started my serious training a few weeks ago.  I had hoped to start September 1st but that date happened to fall while we were in Scotland and I was NOT going to run on vacation.  Luckily we did a lot of walking, I mean A LOT, so although I didn’t run for a week, I was walking an average of five miles a day and that made up for it.  Okay, it might not have been five miles a day but it felt like it.  Word to the wise: if you ever go to Scotland and visit the William Wallace monument, don’t trust your tour guide who tells you it’s a short ten minute walk from the bottom of the hill to the monument.  It’s a twenty minute HIKE at a 50 DEGREE angle.  Yes, I’m still bitter.

My current routine consists of thirty minute runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I was doing weight training on Tuesdays and Thursdays but our softball season just started so it’s only Tuesdays since  Thursday night is game night.  I save for my loooong runs for Saturday.  Well, sort of long runs.  I’m increasing my distance a mile a week so right now I’m at three miles so Saturday is the day I test my distance.  I haven’t been timing myself on my Saturdays runs but I’m going to assume it’s an hour.  Just kidding…it’s two (at least it feels like it). 

I’m having issues finding a good running route in my neighborhood so I’ve been doing all of my running on a treadmill.  I’m not really fond of that but until I find something, it’ll have to do.  I’m thinking of finding a running partner but it’s hard to find a reliable person in my group of lazy friends.  I don’t mean you or you but I definitely mean you.  Maybe I’ll post something on Craigslist…

In addition to the work-out, I’ve changed my diet as well.  I’ve pretty much avoided meat since the detox and am trying to cut back on my gluten intake.  During the detox, I noticed my body just seemed to function better without gluten so I’m slowly trying to get to a gluten-free diet.  Since I take Thursday off from working out, I also take Thursday off from my diet.  Hey, you can’t play softball without beer!  I mean, I’m sure you can but what fun is that?  But really, I do feel lighter and more alert on this diet so even when the training and marathon are over, I’ll stick with it. 

Hmmm, what else is new?  My old knee injury has decided to come back, which makes running difficult somedays but I’ve been pushing through it.  Who needs a knee anyway?  I’ve been increasing my lower body weight training and am hoping it’ll help but let’s face it, I’m just getting old.  The body is starting to fall apart.  At 27, yay.

3 days to the Philly half marathon September 19, 2008

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I’ve pretty much kept up with my limited training for this weekend’s half marathon.

Until this week. I’ve had about a half gallon of icecream and skipped yesterday and today’s run. Well done Tim,

Getting ready September 13, 2008

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It’s 6:45am and my bike and stuff are set. I start at 8:30. Here we go