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Setting the Stage Before I Almost Die on Saturday April 1, 2009

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Well Saturday is the Cinderella ride and much like last year, I didn’t train all that much before and I’m only at 30 miles in the saddle right now. While I’m in better shape than I was last year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do 65 miles on Saturday because lately, my hip flexor muscles (i think that’s what they’re called), get too stiff/sore/tight at around 30 miles. I’ll do my best to stretch and take it easy while riding on Saturday.

In other news, I have a tiara for the ride, and I’m going to rock my sequined mini skirt again this year. I’m planning to swing by the Piedmont Boutique on Haight tomorrow or Friday to see if they have anything sparkly and fun to add to my outfit. I’m still undecided on a boa as I’m worried that it will be itchy and will just get in the way. I’ll post a picture or two from the ride on the blog here afterwards.

I’m also continuing with the cross-training by starting up swimming again, and now I’ve decided to add Yoga. Swimming will be good for cardio vascular reasons, and good for working on my tan. Yoga will be good for strength and flexibility.
I realize that this post is incredibly boring but I promise to be funny again soon. I’m thinking of posting something on how I’ve come to realize that professional cycling has a lot of really hot guys. I am single now so yes, I think about men a lot. And men in skintight clothes that lets you know what you’re getting upfront? even better.


Update! November 14, 2008

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Yowza, it’s been a while since I posted on here.  No, don’t look at the date of my last entry, just take my word for it, it’s been a while. 

New things:

-Have decided to not run the marathon in February.  About a month ago, I realized that at that point in time, I was generally unhappy with my life.  There wasn’t a specific reason or person that was causing this unhappiness, I just wasn’t where I wanted to be personally and emotionally.  It was then that I decided that I was going to stop focusing on anything else but my own personal wellbeing.  Although the training was good for me and I was staying on track, it was time consuming.  Time I thought could best be used in focusing on myself and figuring out what I needed to do to get back to happy.  Or at least content.

-Got engaged.  Yep, took me by surprise as well.  James and I had been broken up for about six and a half months and one night I went over to make dinner and left a few hours later with a ring on my finger and a future husband.  The way things happen…This, of course, has helped me immensely in reaching my ultimate goal of pure happiness.  I’m not saying that just because James and I are planning our lives together that I am suddenly okay with life, because I don’t believe you should base your life’s happiness on the presence of another, but knowing that I have him there and that we are together has made life more bearable. 

So I might not be training for a marathon anymore but now I have a new fitness goal: looking hot for our wedding.  We’ve set a date, September 26th, 2009, so this gives me plenty of time to just focus on myself and work out regularly and to go nuts every once in a while with the wedding planning.  James also gave me a Wii Fit for my birthday (kinda weird how I get the Wii Fit a few minutes after I got the ring…) and for the first few days, I really did like working out on it.  You can do yoga, strength training, cardio, and balancing workouts on it but it’ll take me a while before I’m totally convinced that doing the hula on a plastic square will really work that waist down.

Update July 26, 2008

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Am exhausted. brick workout of 26 mile ride then a 3 mile run. In the heat. Without enough hydration or energy. Kicked butt on the bike but pretty much almost died on the run. Can’t walk without pain and am ready for a nap.


plus? burned 1850 calories already!

Pushin’ Through July 8, 2008

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I’m still training and overall, still doing well. I just feel tired and crabby today but I’ll do my best to push through it. I’ve been thinking that instead of blogging here and at my other blog, I should copy Fat Cyclist and start a Fat Triathlete blog or something because I’m still a fatso. I haven’t lost anything substantial – 2 pounds!- which I will probably gain back tonight when I get home and pig out on the cookies that I made last night.

Yesterday was a swim day and I swam 1700 meters,  and today is a bike day. I biked to the train, took the train south, and rode in from the train station. It works out to 16 miles each way or 32 miles round trip. I burned 735 calories this am and I’ll probably burn more for the ride home since it’s uphill and into the wind.


I wish I felt more optimistic and positive because I think I’m becoming a better athlete overall.. it’s just that every time I ride or every time I swim, I don’t feel improved enough. This could be a symptom of always being hypercritical of myself but I do have a good idea of what it means for me to be in swim shape and where I should be in terms of bike shape. I’m not in shape for either and I just feel bummed out. I feel like my running hurts my knees because I’m too fat right now and I feel like I’ll never slim down or get stronger. I know it’s a terrible attitude to have but I just want to lay down and give up.

Maybe I just need a nap and more cookies.

Not So Fond Memories June 26, 2008

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Way back when, I ran cross country for three years in high school. It was my “off” sport so I didn’t have to do P.E. when it wasn’t swim season. My super awesome XC coach (who was also Greek) would always call myself and my running buddy the “surf and turf club” because we were both swimmers and cross country runners. We used to run at least 3 miles a day and in fact, usually ran at 5+. Unless it was a track workout day. Ahhh fond memories…

wait no,… running hurts and track workouts suck!

I just got back from the weekday Team in Training practice where we did our first track workout. Mileage worked out to about 2.5 miles but the track part was 3×400 sprint, with 400 recovery in between. I hurt. All over.

I did my first sprint one at like 1:50, the second at 1:52, and then the third I said to myself, “K, you used to run way faster! you used to not be so fat or so suckey!” so i pushed it out and got it down to 1:46 and then promptly felt like puking but did not. The plus was that after all of that, I had to ride my bike home and even though it was less than a mile, it was cold and windy out. Pity me 😦

Calories burned = the silver lining in all of this: 793!

Be Glad You Don’t Live With Me June 10, 2008

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A M and I set out to do this blog, we wanted to share our stories, our pain, our humiliation, and our frustrations with you as we train. And last night was certainly abound with frustrations!!

Let me set the stage for you, it’s roughly 10:30pm last night and I’ve decided that it’s finally bed time. I get ready for bed and put on my PJ’s (a tshirt) and I start to pack up my bag for work tomorrow (today) as I’m planning to ride into work as part of my training/saving the planet from CO2 thing. I think to myself, gee, I should probably check the air in my tires as I haven’t put air in them in a while and I’ll be riding 32 miles tomorrow.

I go back into the hallway in my tshirt and underwear since my roomie isn’t home and grab my bike pump. I take the top off the valve and I put the pump thingie on and I hear the hiss that means that it’s hitting the right part of the presta valve. I pump the pump except I know that there’s no air going into the tire, it’s just filling up the cord thingie. So I take off the pump from the valve and try again.

*hisss* air lets out, put pump thingie on, try and pump. Still not working. I try again and realize that I have essentially deflated my front bike tire. I start to get a bit frustrated as it’s now 11pm, I’m sunburnt and sitting on the floor of my front hallway in a tshirt and underwear, hoping my roomie doesn’t come home, and trying to pump up my now flat front bike tire.

I take a look at the pump, fiddle about with it because it’s one of those “combo” pumps for both schrader and presta valves. I take the pump thingie that goes on the valve apart, try putting it back together in a different way to see if it helps. Nope. I try again. This time, I can get it to put some air in the tire if I hold it onto the tire with one hand and pump with the other which is ridiculously hard to do and I only manage to get enough air into the tire so that it’s not completely flat. I think to myself, “ok, now I can try pumping it up the right way to fill it all the way up so I can ride tomorrow”. I put the pump thingie back together properly, go to pump up my tire and I deflate it again because the POS pump is not putting air INTO the tire, only letting it OUT!

Now, I’m getting really frustrated. It’s hot in my flat, I’m sweating from my one-handed bike pump attempt and I have a sunburn, and I’m PMSing and did I mention that I’m still just in my tshirt and underwear? When all of a sudden I feel a very familiar pain in my intestines. One that I am very familiar with and one that long time readers of TPK also know all to well. I make a mad dash for the bathroom at which point I stub my toe on the door frame! Cursing, I rush to the toilet to rue the day that I ever thought whole wheat pasta with butter and tons Parmesan was a good idea to eat for dinner. My toe is bleeding, I’m dying of intestinal pain, and I can’t get my goddamn bike tire to inflate!

After I’ve made my peace with my dairy ingestion, I make one last attempt to inflate my tire. Same old song in dance, my tire is still lifelessy flat, my toe is still bleeding, my boyfriend still hasn’t texted me back, I’m sweaty and hot and crampy, my hair is tangled, my glasses are smudged, I have grease on my hands from my bike, and as I make one last ditch attempt to pump up my tire, the pressure in the cord of the bike pump explodes the valve thingie off the valve right into my shin..


The string of expletives that came out of my mouth right then rivaled even the dirtiest of sailors and truckers. And thankfully, the windows to my flat were all open because it was too hot so my neighbors and the people on the street were welcome to views and audio of the crazy lady in her tshirt and underwear with bad hair throwing a tantrum of swear words that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud.

For good measure, I picked up the bike pump and threw it down the stairs, slammed my bedroom door and went to bed where I promptly got my bike-grease hands all over my white sheets. Motherf*cker.

The moral of the story is two-fold: don’t eat dairy if your lactose intolerant (duh!) and don’t buy sh*tty, cheap, crappy, piece of junk combo bike pumps, buy one SPECIFICALLY made for your bike type (schrader v. presta).

My tire is still flat 😦

Tomorrow is The Day April 5, 2008

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Well, tomorrow is the day… 65 Mile bike ride for which I have very much NOT prepared. Since it’s all women and a princess theme, I have affixed a crown to my helmet, put a ribbon on the back and have pink socks with crowns on them. I’m also wearing my pink arm warmers. Goals for tomorrow are two-fold: 1) do not fall over and 2) make it at least 40 miles. Wish me luck

My short list of things I hate about running April 4, 2008

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1. starting. Whether it’s starting a running plan or just getting my butt off the sofa to go for a run, getting started is the hardest thing about running.

2 weather. Whether it’s too hot or too cold or raining or windy, there’s usually a reason I don’t want to run.

3. warm down. I live in a suburban development with a .7ish mile loop. I only plan to do warm-down on days I do pace or speed work. If I’m running in my neighborhood and finish my pace at my house I have zero chance of doing a warm down.

4. warm up. I don’t have a problem starting slower, but that doesn’t usually last long. Because the faster I pick up my pace, the faster I will be finished and the faster I get to…

an hour after I’m finished runnign and I’m showered and relaxing and feel good enough about myself to earase all the feelings I have about hating running.

Progress on my training:

5 miles on Saturday

2 miles on Monday

4 miles on Wednesday

31 days until the 10 miler

Saturday is the Day April 3, 2008

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Well, Saturday is the day of my 65 mile bike ride. I haven’t been riding and I’m kind of out of bike shape. My plan is to just take it easy, go slow and keep a steady pace. Apparently there are rest-stops every 10 miles with food so I will rest if I need to. My goal is to do all 65 miles, even though I can really only ride 25/30 right now. I hope I don’t die.

Impending Disaster March 25, 2008

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I haven’t been doing much of anything lately due to work traveling and just general laziness. The Cinderella ride is in two weekends and I’m still at 20/25 miles. I’m starting to feel very nervous and unhappy about my stupid decision to do this ride when I’m clearly not ready. The only plus is that I did get some swimming in last week. Not much, but some. Hopefully I won’t die….