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Setting the Stage Before I Almost Die on Saturday April 1, 2009

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Well Saturday is the Cinderella ride and much like last year, I didn’t train all that much before and I’m only at 30 miles in the saddle right now. While I’m in better shape than I was last year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do 65 miles on Saturday because lately, my hip flexor muscles (i think that’s what they’re called), get too stiff/sore/tight at around 30 miles. I’ll do my best to stretch and take it easy while riding on Saturday.

In other news, I have a tiara for the ride, and I’m going to rock my sequined mini skirt again this year. I’m planning to swing by the Piedmont Boutique on Haight tomorrow or Friday to see if they have anything sparkly and fun to add to my outfit. I’m still undecided on a boa as I’m worried that it will be itchy and will just get in the way. I’ll post a picture or two from the ride on the blog here afterwards.

I’m also continuing with the cross-training by starting up swimming again, and now I’ve decided to add Yoga. Swimming will be good for cardio vascular reasons, and good for working on my tan. Yoga will be good for strength and flexibility.
I realize that this post is incredibly boring but I promise to be funny again soon. I’m thinking of posting something on how I’ve come to realize that professional cycling has a lot of really hot guys. I am single now so yes, I think about men a lot. And men in skintight clothes that lets you know what you’re getting upfront? even better.


Joining the Ranks April 1, 2008

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I plan to become the typical San Franciscan sanctimonious a**hole with my organic food, my fair trade coffee, my “i’m better than you because I live in The City” attitude, my yoga pants, and my yoga mat. Next I’m buying a Prius.

Just kidding.

Well, I DO eat organic food mostly because I shop at Trader Joe’s where it’s cheap and I do drink fair trade coffee when I actually drink coffee (more of a tea kind of girl), and I really am planning to purchase a yoga mat.

You see, this past weekend whilst visiting my sister, she dragged us to yoga and I nearly died. My downward facing dog was really more of a struggle of me trying to get up off the floor, my plank was  non-existent and all the poses that required I stand on one leg immediately caused me to fall over and ponder whether or not I really had had too much tequila the night before.  But, I loved every minute of it.

What I didn’t love was how weak I was and how the anorexic looking chick could actually support her own weight while I, full of swimming muscles (HA! who am I fooling?!?!) did not. I consoled myself by telling myself that she had a lot less weight to support but being the competitive person that I am, I did not like not being strong or flexible. I frigging did ballet for a bunch of years and was even on point so I didn’t understand how I used to be able to support my weight on the point of my toe while in an arabesque but could not do it now while in downward dog.  What the heck?!?!

It was at that point that I realized that this lack of strength and flexibility just would not do. I wanted to be strong and I wanted to be able to fold myself into a ball and support myself on my arms. So, I’ve decided to do yoga at least once a week, if not more. The really important thing that I realized after (as I cleaned up the bottle of salad dressing that I had dropped and shattered onto my kitchen floor) was that my abs hurt a lot and that every position in yoga really works your core muscles. Core muscles are extremely important in biking, swimming, and running so I think that yoga could be really good for me while I train for the mini-tri and the full century. (I’ve given hope for the Cinderella ride as it’s this weekend and let’s face it, at this point I need an exercise miracle, not Yoga) Plus, yoga will help me center and develop better balance so I fall over less. It’s an all-over win situation if you ask me.

Now just to find a good studio in the city where there are a bajillion yoga studios full of San Francisco hippies…